Friday, November 16, 2012

Best Day of my Life! One Lifelong Dream Realized!

The past 6 weeks have been simply amazing.  At the beginning of October, I was selected to be a cast member in a new set of DVDs that are being sponsored by the American Heart Association! I've been dreaming of this ever sine I was 19 years old and purchased my first workout VHS tapes (Firm Cross Trainers). This dream has been on my "to accomplish list" for my entire "fit" adulthood. I agreed to participate even though I've been struggling with health issues and unwanted weight gain. I agreed to do it anyway because I thought that in the big picture, maybe I could be a source of inspiration to others who may be going through similar challenges. I want to remind others (and myself) that you can still be healthy and keep your heart strong, even in the midst of combating other issues.

Well, today we filmed, and it was the best day of my life (so far).  I let my personality, enthusiasm, and passion for fitness shine through. I enjoyed the entire process - hair & make-up the most. I felt like a million bucks!! I had the brightest smile and the biggest heart because that's who I am inside!!  This is an amazing accomplishment for me.  I am checking off something that has been on my list since I was 19 years old...and I'm 34 now.  God puts the right people in your life, at the right time, for the right reason.  This entire experience has been remarkable.

I will admit that earlier this week, I got a little freaked out and I let the demons of insecurity and self doubt enter into my mind.  I was so nervous that I'd appear massive and out of shape on film. Earlier this month, I attended my brother's wedding, and the photos came back. I really did not like what I saw. I was ashamed and embarrassed. I keep trying to pump myself up and hold my head up high. I keep putting a shield around my heart saying that those who judge me know absolutely nothing about my journey. Well, the instructor (and now my trainer) has always commented that I'm "perfect as I am," and he keeps telling me that I was born to do this. It's his project, so if he's happy, then that makes me feel better. I have lost almost 20 pounds during our 6-week rehearsal process, so I'm making progress.  I did my work, and my results and blessings were in abundance.

Even better news is that we will be filming additional workouts in 2013, so you will be able to see my full journey. The instructor is just amazing. He has become a great friend and even better coach. My castmate has completely transformed himself, losing almost 100 pounds in one year's time. I am very happy for him and his accomplishment, particularly at such a young age (24).