Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hit the road after 1 week off

Last week I didn't get out on my bike at all (due to the rain and not feeling well), and I was really itching to do so. Yesterday was goreous, so I got out for a 31 minute ride yesterday evening. I did the ride without my cycling shoes, and boy was it slightly awkward; I certainly wasn't expecting that reaction. The headwinds were kind of heavy, but I feel like I got a good workout in. I did 6 miles of mainly flat terrain (had one small hill as part of the course). I practiced getting comfortale shifting gears and pumping it out in 100 degree weather. I can't believe that the reverse duatholon is 24 miles with a 3-mile run in the middle...aye! I am still going to train for it, though. I think it will be a rewarding experience. I'm planning to go on a group ride this weekend through downtown and by campus. One of my best friends is coming to town, and I'll take her to the Veloway for a ride.

Until then,


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Monday's Workout - 1/2 Marsh

Well, I decided to start running training in the hopes of completing a duathalon. I am taking the next 4 weeks to do prep work for half marathon training. It should help condition me for the 3 mile run that is part of my 12 mi-bike/3-mi run/12 mi bike duathlon at the end of October. This will be interesting, as it will be the weekend just before the 2 shows that I want to do. Let's see if I can stick with it; I'll have to see if it adversely impacts my training & competition prep.

1 mile warm-up
2 mile 1/2 marsh on hills (run hard up hill, recover on downhill and straightaways)
1 mile cool-down & stretching
workout time: 1 hour, 10 mins

I really need to work on my endurance. As I've stated previously, I am not a runner and would prefer not to be. I am not conditioned for running, and I don't know how to run properly. However, I've always wanted to complete a multi-sport event, and I figure that a backwards duatholon (with 2 bike legs & 1 run leg) is more doable than 1 bike leg and 2 run legs; definitely a better option for me than anything that includes swimming. Anyway, I can only go up from here. I don't think that I'll ever form a lifelong love or desire to run, but I would like to improve and tolerate it. I did better than I expected during the workout, though!

Taking on Punch Nutrition

I decided to work with Bonnie to design a Punch Nutrition competition prep-diet for me. I am looking foward to working with Bonnie, as she has an extensive knowledge of not only nutrition, but nutrition as it relates to competition preparation and general health & wellness. We should get started later this week (i.e. Saturday or so). I'll let you know how I'm progressing.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Feeling slightly better

My workout was really slow, but I feel good that I finally did something for the week. I felt weak and had very little energy. Honestly, I've been feeling like I have a mild case of food poisoning, which is entirely possible. The good news is that I was able to eat something substantial for dinner tonight ,and my stomach seems to be settling down. We'll see what the rest of the week brings.

Been a slow week

Gosh, I just have not been with it this week at all. I've been feeling so sluggish & lethargic. I ate some leftover food earlier in the week that I probably waited too long to eat. I've had some tummy aches for the past couple of days and have just been too tired to even workout.

I'm meeting with Jerry today to see if I can make it through a workout. I haven't been eating much since Monday night either. Trying to eat basic things like fruit, salads, and water. That's about it...I want my energy back! I pull out my stuff to workout every day, and I can't go through with it. We'll see how today's workout goes :-)

Have a great day! I hope to be back to my normal self tomorrow and catch up on my workouts.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Made Newport my Own

Anthony's recent Minute of Strength inspired me to make Newport my own, and boy, I kicked my own butt! I did Rounds 1-3 and round 5 of Newport yesterday evening with the following modifications:
Warm-Up: Swings, Snatches, Ropes, TGU, Windmill, Halos
Round 1: Cossack Stretch/Squat Thrust-snatch/bicycle
Round 2: Squat & Press (used mix of KB & Sandbag)/One arm swing/Double Leg Raise & Ropes Gone Wild
Round 3: 2H Swing (used Outlaw Rope) / Hot potato/ Ropes Gone Wild
Round 5: Side snatch/OH Lunge - DONE.

I took all of my things out to the track: 40' rope, outlaw rope, 2-12kg kettlebells, 1-8kg kettlebell, mat (which was a workout by itself). It's been a few months since I used my ropes, and I'd forgotten how taxing they can be. They felt so heavy on my shoulders. I really was only making it through about 15 seconds per consecutive iteration.

Man, I was wiped out. It took me about 30 mins to get through it all. I couldn't do anymore. :-) I think the heat made me tired faster, and the workout was just grueling. I'll try Newport again (regular) during the week, along with Weber's Extreme KB Cardio Workout.

Have a great Sunday!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Got my hair did

Tonight I visited my hair dresser and got my hair done. I wasn't able to workout before heading over there, and I definitely don't want to ruin it now. So, today is officially my off day from training. I really like the style, very simple & classy. I'll hit it hard tomorrow (with a smile).

Have a lovely evening y'all.

UPDATE: Actually, after reading that Anthony C. did his infamous "W" workout after vomiting earlier today, I felt like a major slacker. So, I at least walked to the store, bought 2 gallons of water, and carried them back; it was about a .7 mile walk. It was a nice walk and good to move around after sitting all day.

Wednesday - Family Time

The nephews came over last night, so instead of working out, I spent time with them. Nothing new to post...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tuesday, 7/15 - Just Strength Training

Last night I did a pretty challenging upper body circuit with my trainer. My shoulders were a little sore from the snatches in Newport the day before. So, that was the extent of my workout. I was going to do Firepower, but ran out of time. I also was going to go to Yoga class, but was too hungry after my training session. My dedicated stretching sessions are not working out - lol. I need to get back in there soon, though.

Have a great day! I'll post today's workout later....

Monday, July 14, 2008

Finally Conquered AoS Newport!!!

Man, tonight was my night! I reattemped Newport again. The rain was coming, so I worked out in the garage tonight. I think that being out of the sun had something to do with it. Anyway, I made it through the entire workout, INCLUDING the 5-minute snatch test (a first for me!). I used my new 8kg Lifeline KB for most of the workout. I took some short breaks during a few of the rounds, but for the most part, I followed along pretty well. The most significant break was during the Punch Matrix/plank round; I skipped the middle set of the combo and did not go back to repeat it. I did bump up the weight on the swing (12kg)/hot potato (8kg) round, snatch (12 kg)/oh lunge (8kg), and the h2h clean (12kg)/dragon lunge round. For the snatch test, I backed down to the 8kg. I was dripping sweat (of course), and I got a great conditioning workout tonight.

I went back and did some interesting analysis as I wrote this post. I was curious as to how many times I've really done Newport & Providence, especially since I felt I was the best conditioned when I trained in the summer of 2006. Interestingly enough, the answer is not that much! I've only done Newport a total of 8 times from June 2006 until the present; 11 times for Providence. Granted, I was doing KB work about 2x/week (either via a DVD workout or something on my own), working with my trainer 3x/week to get ready for a show, and dieting clean, but this is still quite interesting. My theory is that if I increase the frequency of my KB workouts to 5x/week and keep a clean diet, imagine what the result will be! I think I will try that experiment in my off-season, starting in November, with some extra cardio and stretching added in. The proof is in the pudding - kettlebell training is remarkably effective for me. If I increase my training frequency and practice more regularly, it will propel me to incredible levels of fitness, conditioning, and body composition.

Reflect, train hard, and ROCK ON! (Gosh, I'm glad that I keep detailed training journals. I have all of my workouts dated back to 2002 written down. I picked up the habit of workout journaling in college when I first learned weight lifting. Now they've invented blogging and I'm hooked :-) ).

BTW - I really liked the feel of the Lifeline kettlebell. It was similiar in construction to Dragon Door & Ader. The handles weren't as slick as either DD or Ader. I liked the size of the "bulb" of the bell, as well as the thickness and feel of the handle overall. Not to mention, I thought the 8kg was so adorable :-) Almost makes me feel like a wimp for using it as my primary tool on Newport - LOL! Seriously, Newport is meant to be executed with a lighter KB, but I would still like to graduate to doing that workout with a 12kg one day.

Punch Matrix

While doing Newport today, I realized that I needed some work on the Punch Matrix and to revisit the form & intention of the exercise. I went back and watched an old AoS video clip where Anthony discussed how & why he created the matrix and gave some variations on the exercise. I'm looking forward to trying it with the kettlebells. In case you haven't seen it, here it is:

Weekend Recap

Saturday: On Saturday, I tried to do Newport out at the track, but it was wicked hot. So, I decided to go for a nice walk in the evening when it cooled off. I walked about 4.5 miles, and made sure that the route included some nice hills. I took long, deliberate strides, squeezing my glutes along the way. I enjoyed the scenic hill country view and got a good night's sleep once I got home. I started my walk around dusk and got back home just after the sun set.

Sunday: I took Sunday off and used it as a day of rest and restoration.

Today, it's Newport (finally) and then training with Jerry. I'll let you know how I make out with Newport, and I'll be using my new Lifeline Kettlebell. WHOOHOO!

Be fit!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Take time to notice the little things

Originally, I wrote this post as a simple entry on my workout today. However, after visiting the Punch forums and posting on there about goal setting, it dawned on me that I've finally reached one of the goals that I have been stressing about for the past 14 months. I achieved it when I stopped stressing out about it and just enjoyed the hard work. I've been back in my normal clothes size for about the past 7 weeks, am still losing inches, and getting closer to my "competition prep" size. I am getting back to my normal workout schedule of 5-6 days per week of activity. Although the numbers on the scale still aren't anywhere close to "normal," my body is back there. I'm feeling happier. I am loving the fact that it's summer time, and I'm able to get back to my focus on training. I feel alot like my friend Anthony described on his blog a few days ago about feeling proud of himself for working out 4 days in a row, getting closer to his normal 5. Changing jobs at work has been the turning point for me. All of the extraordinary stress that I felt has dissipated, and I am enjoying learning something new professionally. Most importantly, I'm enjoying the journey - the feeling of hard work, the joy of accomplishing goals, the pride of honoring the commitment to myself. Today has been a great day, and even though I still have a long way to go before I reach my goal of stepping on the competition stage again, I'm using this moment to sit back, smile, and be proud of myself, to love myself, to respect the hard work and dedication. Now, back to my original post :-)

7:40PM - 8:15PM - Nice, easy bike ride after work. The weather was nice, sun was going down so it wasn't quite as hot, so I rode around the neighborhoods and enjoyed the scenery. I was going to do Newport afterwards, but I just want to relax. Have a nice evening! Maybe I'll do Newport in the morning and then hit a yoga class :-).

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A workout and a finisher

I'm going to append this finisher (courtsey of Crossfit Philly) to one of my workouts this week/weekend.
1 Swing
1 Burpee
2 Swings
2 Burpees

Ladder up to 10 Swings,10 burpees in under 5 Minutes. Kicka$$!!

Already feeling alot better

That yoga class last night did wonders! Although still tight, I do feel my muscles and joints are noticeably less tense. I'd planned on working out tonight, but a friend stopped by and needed my help with something. Our meeting lasted longer than I'd expected and I still have work to finish in order to prep for some meetings tomorrow. Soooo, no workout today. I do plan to get in some cardio and yoga tomorrow, though, to compensate.

Have a great evening!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A Bike Ride and Bikram Yoga

5:30-6:30PM - Tonight, I rode my bike for 50 minutes on the road. I burned about 500 calories and explored a closeby neighborhood. I wanted to ride longer, but I was in a rush to get home and shower/change for Bikram Yoga. I wore my cycling shoes and didn't fall off my bike today :-) I also was able to relatively comfortably navigate through traffic without getting too scared. I was in a neighborhood that was deep in the canyons, so I encountered some major hills on my journey today. They were so steep that at parts, I had to dismount my bike and walk it until I reached a point where I felt comfortable getting back on. My fear is that I'll have to climb some steep hill, will be wearing my cycling shoes, will not generate enough force to turn the wheels, and fall over. Not to mention that I've mostly been riding on flats to get used to my bike, and this was my first real venture into hilly territory. I'll build up to it slowly :-)

7:00-8:30PM - I went to Bikram Yoga class tonight, and I am so glad that I did. My body and muscles are really tight. It's been about a year since I did Bikram, so my body isn't really used to it anymore. I'm going to try to get 3-4 sessions in per week for the next month, in addition to the rest of my training. I am horrible about doing any type of dedicated stretching on my own, and it's starting to catch up with me. I usually stretch after I workout, but I really need to get better about devoting sessions (45-60 mins) strictly to stretching. My body will thank me for it one day, and I know it will do wonders for the stress I endure throughout the day (and the long hours hunched over a computer). Overall, I had a nice workout. I'm looking forward to tomrrow, and I'm definitely going to sleep well.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Today's workout

Well, poor Jerry has a kidney infection, so I doubt we'll train together this week. That isn't such a bad thing because I'm still really sore. I did a 60 minute cycling class (endurance) followed by 25 minutes of high grade incline walking this evening after work. I think that I might take a Bikram class tomorrow night to help alleviate some of this soreness. I also plan to get in 2 days of KB training this week since I'm on my own :-)

Have a good one!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Keith Weber's Extreme KB Cardio

My trainer was sick today, so I was left to train on my own (no worries). The "Extreme Kettlebell Cardio" DVD by Keith Weber arrived today, so I decided to give it a try. I am actually really sore from Newport and softball, so I decided to only do a portion of the workout. I struggled through it - LOL. All I kept thinking was "man, I am really deconditioned with my KB training." It almost felt like taking baby steps all over again. However, I'm confident that in a few weeks, I'll be readjusted to my KBs; after all, it has been since January that I really consistently trained with them. Anyway, I digress....

Keith's DVD is nicely put together. I really like how he emphasizes left side first, as this is my non-dominant side. He also had a nice flow to the combinations, and it was definitely an intense workout. Dividing into 6 distinct workouts allows for a great deal of flexibility to either do all 6 routines in a single workout session or to allow you to mix and match or do one each day. Today I did the manmaker, part of the swing workout, and part of the core workout. This is an endurance based, follow-along workout that can be most paralleled (IMO) to AoS Newport. I'll have fun alternating between this workout and Newport. Keith has a different style than Anthony, but he is a good, motivating instructor.

For more information on this DVD, check out

I followed up my workout with some dedicated stretching and then did some housework. I hope that I'm not quite as sore tomorrow. I plan to do an endurance spin class and maybe some running (ugh!). I'm toying with the idea of doing a reverse Duathlon in October (12 mile bike, 3 mile run, 12 mile bike). To me this is a much better option than run-bike-run :-) I despise running, but I really want to participate in a multi-sport event, and I figure I can tolerate a mixture of running & biking. Since I'm not a good swimmer, triathlons are out of the question. I'm also considering doing the Livestrong ride in Austin in October. All this in addition to 3 shows...a tad risky, but you only live once :-)

Sleep well, and I'll check in tomorrow.


Kettlebells have gone mainstream...(and not for the good of the sport)

Sorry for the long title, but I was just shaking my head "tisk tisk" when I saw this video & infomercial for kettlenetics on youtube today. As KBs increase in popularity, we will see more and more poorly produced and downright dangerous instructors/videos/etc. It will put KBs in a poor light...Make sure that you are training with CERTIFIED kettlebell instructors and do your research on the instructor. None of these exercises profiled in this video are worthwhile...i have no comments...just "tisk tisk". As you train and continue in your pursuit of kettlebell greatness, try to stay true to form and true to the principles that we have been taught by the masters (any RKC or AOS Certified instructor; Crossfit instructors; American Federation of Kettlebell Lifting instructors are all good places to start...or work with someone who is training for one of these certifications)

Your thoughts/reactions?? They are killing me!! Make it stop!!

Can you do this?

Jason C. Brown of Kettlebell Athletics/Combat Sports Conditioning/Crossfit Philly often trains Lamont Lister, a pro fighter in the Philly area. Can you do this for 4 rounds??!! I actually visited Jason over Christmas and requested that he put me through one of Lamont's workouts for my birthday present. I barely survived; it was awesome :-)

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Softball after 13 years!!!

I went with Jay to his work team's softball practice today. I played with the team just to get some exercise in, to enjoy the fun of athletic teamwork, and to meet some new people. I haven't played softball since high school, so I was a little nervous initially. I had a great time, but I played well also! Our team mates kept calling me an all-star - LOL. I felt great after 2 hours of practice and wanted to do some snatches (had my KB with me); the rest of the team seemed to lose focus and tire after about an hour. They all want me to play on the team moving forward. It was a great feeling! I've never considered myself to be a great sports athlete, but it did feel GREAT being part of a team again. I'm looking forward to practicing with them again next week.

Hope your Sunday is going well. I have a major suntan after today. I think that my sunblock is making my skin tan faster as opposed to blocking the sun rays :-)

Friday, July 04, 2008

Just Chilled after all on July 4

Well, today I just chilled after all. I cleaned up the house a bit, but didn't do any exercise. I decided to just be easy. I did divert from my diet, though :-( I really wanted a hot dog...dang that Johnsonville Brauts commercial!! LOL!

So, I'm going to hit it hard tomorrow and get my diet back on track. Everything in moderation....

Make it a great one!

"Go world"

I absolutely love these 2 commercials narrated by Morgan Freeman. Be inspired! Go World!

A World View of the Olympics

Kerri Strug - I vividly remember this moment

What Kettlebell Brands do you own?

I've tried a number of kettlebells on the market. My personal arsenal has the following bells & brands:
  • 1 x 9kg Power Systems
  • 1 x 12kg Power Systems (gave this one away)
  • 2 x 12kg Dragon Door
  • 1x12kg AOS (with a kettlebell buddy)
  • 1 x 16kg Ader
  • 1 x 16kg Perform Better
  • 1 x 16kg AOS (I sold this one)
  • 1 x 20kg Ader
  • 1 x 8kg Lifeline
  • 1x 24kg Lifeline
  • I've also tried a Go Fit bell at Target/Academy and a Muscle Driver bell at Play It Again Sports.
Now, please note that my comments/reviews are only my personal opinion and reflect my individual experiences with different kettlebell brands. This is just me writing out loud my thoughts/preferences in a bell. Your experiences will be different than mine; thanks in advance for letting me express my thoughts and opinions. My advice is to try different brands and find the best one that works for you; it may be a combination of different brands that is your ultimate fit.

Power Systems: These two kettlebells (9kg & 12kg) were my first two and least favorite bells. I bought them in Dec 2005 when I was just starting out with kettlebells. Power Systems was one of the cheapest on the market and had relatively reasonable shipping. Overall, these bells are not molded smoothly and have very wide handles. It's a rough bell. However, for me, these bells served their initial purpose, which was to test the waters out with kettlebells. I found a cost effective solution to trying the sport, and decided to upgrade to better bells as I got more serious with my training. I still use my 9kg (yes, Power Systems sells a 9kg and not an 8kg bell, with weight being marked in pounds on the bell). I have since given my 12kg Power Systems bell to a friend who wanted to learn kettlebells. I didn't experience better kettlebells until June 2006 when I trained at Punch Gym in Rhode Island and attended a KB workshop with Lisa Shaffer in Dallas, TX. When I tried the Go Fit bells at Target (also sold at Academy, Dicks, Sports Authority), they were quite similar in construction and handle width to Power Systems, which is why I suspect they can sell them so cheaply.
Ader: I bought 2 Ader kettlebells (16kg, 20kg) in June 2006 when I took a workshop by Lisa Shaffer. I really like the shape of the Ader, the size of the handle and the overall feel. I was told that they were very similar in construction to Dragon Door kettlebells, which I think is very true. I love my Ader kettlebells and would purchase them again in the future.
Dragon Door: DD is often known as the "big daddy" of kettlebells and for good reason. I have two 12-kg DD bells, and I have been very pleased with them. The Ader kettlebells are very similar in shape and construction. The DD bell's handle seems to fit my hand the best and the overall bell has a smooth exterior finish (at times can feel slick). I would purchase DD bells again, even though they are the most expensive. However, I would likely be frugal and content stocking my gym with Ader kettlebells as well.
Perform Better: I currently own one Perform Better kettlebell (16kg). The bulbous portion and base felt a bit small to me. I had a difficult time doing Renegade Rows with the PB bell, as the base felt small and unstable to me. It could have been difficult because I paired it with a different brand 16kg to execute the Renegade Row. I do think that I think that I will try again after removing the rubber base from the bell . Muscle driver bells reminded me of PB bells. I also did not go with the vinyl covered bell b/c I was afraid that the vinyl would just be slippery, especially since my hands and forearms sweat quite a bit when I'm working out. I bought my PB bell when PB was having their fall sale, so the price (and shipping) were reasonable.
Lifeline: When adding another bell to my collection, I was torn about adding another Ader or trying Lifeline. When I was at a workshop in 2007 with Lisa Shaffer & Mike Mahler, some of the participants had Lifeline bells and others had Ader. Although I didn't try the Lifeline bells first hand during the workshop, I did look closely at the bells construction; they reminded me quite a bit of DD. Anyway, I eventually added both a 9kg and 24kg Lifeline to my collection.  I really like the feel of the Lifeline kettlebell. It is similiar in construction to Dragon Door & Ader. The handles weren't as slick as either DD or Ader. I liked the size of the "bulb" of the bell, as well as the thickness and feel of the handle overall. I am very pleased with my smaller Lifeline bell and the 24kg bell.  I will definitely add another Lifeline bell to my collection, either another 24kg or a 28kg. The price point of Lifeline was very reasonable, and so was the shipping.
AOS: I usually love everything that AOS makes. When I attended the AOS KB Certification in June 2009, I tried the AOS bells (of course) and loved them.  When I needed a few new bells for the gym due to more having clients, I ordered three AOS bells (9kg, 12kg, and 16kg, along with a buddy).  However, when I received them, I was kind of disappointed.  The bells had gone through a redesign from the ones I used during the certification class. Instead of being unfinished, they had been powder coated with a silver finish.  It's just an aesthetic thing, but I don't like it. I was also disappointed with the 16kg bell particularly. The handle was so thick compared to my other bells. Neither myself nor my clients liked that bell, so I sold it.  I only kept the two smaller bells so that I could use them with the KB Buddy. I did find it useful when helping some of my female clients transition from the 12kg to the 16kg bell for their snatches/cleans and from the 9kg to the 12kg; it provided a good incremental step.  The handles on the smaller bells seemd okay, but the heavier bell was disappointing.  I'm not sure if the AOS bells are still this way (i.e. slightly thicker than average handles), but I probably won't buy them again.

My hamstrings are so sore

Oh my goodness....My hammies are so sore from Newport yesterday. I knew this was going to happen because my hamstrings & glutes were getting tight during the workout. I tried to do some preventive maintenance by doing a little extra stretching last night and sat in the sauna to let the heat penetrate my muscles. It could always be worse :-) My abs are also a little sore since I did the original AoS Newport DVD that has 1-min ab exercised appended to each exercise round. Crazy as it may sound, I couldn't wait to wake up today to go back to the track and do something new. I even bought a new 8kg kettlebell to continue Newport moving forward; this is something that I've been wanting to do for quite some time, as I despise my Power Systems 8kg kettlebell. I decided to try a Lifeline kettlebell this time. I'm going to post another entry on the different brands of kettlebells that I have. I'll post later about my workout for today. I had a good, long sleep today, so I'm going to be slow getting started for my workout.


Thursday, July 03, 2008

AoS Newport Revisited....My Tribute to Anthony C.

Wow, it's been a minute since I've pulled out my kettlebells and the AoS Newport workout. It was tough, but I loved every minute of it! Considering I haven't used my bells in months and Newport in even longer, I was happy that I made it through the whole workout! I took breaks along the way and did not complete the entire duration of each round, but I did it! I was sweating like crazy, and it brought me back to my intense love of kettlebell training. I was really proud of myself for squeezing the snatch test in at the end. It is 5-mins, and I finished 3-mins. I achieved a personal best record for myself, not only for continuous time, but for amazing form as well. Even though I was dog tired, I felt a rhythm doing the snatches that I've never felt before! It was so invigorating, and doing the snatches 5L/5R was really a good way to keep my momentum and flow going. I did an awesome job! I wish that I could've video taped myself while I was doing the snatch test (maybe not some other parts of the workout, though :-) ). I'm really looking forward to doing Newport again; I'll either do it on Saturday or Sunday. To me, this DVD is AoS at its finest.

As a reminder for those reading my blog, for Newport, Anthony suggests "When choosing the right kettlebell for the job, women, regardless of fitness level should start with an 8-kilo bell; men should start with a 16-kilo bell." I couldn't support this statement more! The focus of Newport is on conditioning and muscular endurance, which is counter productive when using the same sized bell used for strength gains. I remember when I first got this DVD I didn't have an 8kg bell, so I used my 12kg bell; I remember vividly how difficult that was. Maybe one day I'll progress to a 12kg bell for Newport, but for now I'll stick with my 8kg bell for this specific workout.

Earlier today, I went back to revisit my training logs from the summer of 2006, when I felt that my conditioning level was at its best. I did a mix of Newport, Providence, various HOC combinations, and just alot of conditioning activity. I've decided that I'm going to bring that back. It was a good example of how I trained (getting ready for a show) and still managed to get my conditioning drills in.

Overall, I'm feeling really good, liking my appearance, and excited about the challenge of continuing the journey. To me, the best reward in life is the feeling of hard work and accomplishing a goal. I love working out, especially in the summer!! It's a great time to reflect and revisit.

Tomorrow, I'll take a long bike ride or spinning class, and do Mike Davies' Cardio Survivor 2 as my metabolic finisher. I might through in Firepower or one of the Clinic DVD workouts.

Have a GREAT July 4th weekend!!!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Some Evening Recreational Riding

So far this week, I've done quite a bit of recreational riding on Black Magic. I've been using her before my strength workouts. I've been taking J's nephews out bike riding for about an hour each night. This helps me get used to my bike and gets them some exercise and bonding time with me. We've been having a great time.

This morning, I participated in an ACA hosted ride of 1.5 hours. It was mostly flat terrain, and I used my clipless pedals successfully (no falls)!! I got used to starting/stopping, successfully traversing intersections/stop signs, and learned more about proper gear shifting. It was a productive (and fun) time. I took the morning off work to allow for this excursion.

Here's my training so far this week:

Mon, 6/30:
5:30PM - Bike with nephews (45 mins)
7:30PM - Chest & Shoulder workout with Jerry

Tues, 7/1:

I was pretty tired, so I didn't strength train.
7:00PM - Bike with nephews (60 mins)

Wed, 7/2:
9-10:30AM - ACA Ride (90 mins)
6:35-7:00PM - ride around my surrounding neighborhood (sans nephews; worked up a good sweat; tried to mix flat & rolling terrain)
7:45-8:15 - back & arm circuit with my trainer
10:15-11PM - Ab Ripper X & Stretching

I also ordered the Extreme KB Cardio workout by Ken Weber, and I will plan to do that when it arrives. Tomorrow will be a leg workout with Jerry, and tonight was back & arms.

Train hard!