Sunday, July 20, 2008

Made Newport my Own

Anthony's recent Minute of Strength inspired me to make Newport my own, and boy, I kicked my own butt! I did Rounds 1-3 and round 5 of Newport yesterday evening with the following modifications:
Warm-Up: Swings, Snatches, Ropes, TGU, Windmill, Halos
Round 1: Cossack Stretch/Squat Thrust-snatch/bicycle
Round 2: Squat & Press (used mix of KB & Sandbag)/One arm swing/Double Leg Raise & Ropes Gone Wild
Round 3: 2H Swing (used Outlaw Rope) / Hot potato/ Ropes Gone Wild
Round 5: Side snatch/OH Lunge - DONE.

I took all of my things out to the track: 40' rope, outlaw rope, 2-12kg kettlebells, 1-8kg kettlebell, mat (which was a workout by itself). It's been a few months since I used my ropes, and I'd forgotten how taxing they can be. They felt so heavy on my shoulders. I really was only making it through about 15 seconds per consecutive iteration.

Man, I was wiped out. It took me about 30 mins to get through it all. I couldn't do anymore. :-) I think the heat made me tired faster, and the workout was just grueling. I'll try Newport again (regular) during the week, along with Weber's Extreme KB Cardio Workout.

Have a great Sunday!

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