Monday, July 07, 2008

Kettlebells have gone mainstream...(and not for the good of the sport)

Sorry for the long title, but I was just shaking my head "tisk tisk" when I saw this video & infomercial for kettlenetics on youtube today. As KBs increase in popularity, we will see more and more poorly produced and downright dangerous instructors/videos/etc. It will put KBs in a poor light...Make sure that you are training with CERTIFIED kettlebell instructors and do your research on the instructor. None of these exercises profiled in this video are worthwhile...i have no comments...just "tisk tisk". As you train and continue in your pursuit of kettlebell greatness, try to stay true to form and true to the principles that we have been taught by the masters (any RKC or AOS Certified instructor; Crossfit instructors; American Federation of Kettlebell Lifting instructors are all good places to start...or work with someone who is training for one of these certifications)

Your thoughts/reactions?? They are killing me!! Make it stop!!

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