Monday, August 22, 2011

A New Challenge

Well, we have a corporate health challenge going on at work for the next 6 weeks.  I signed up to participate in 2 events - the 9 mile bike race and the 5K.  I'm looking forward to both events. I am a bit nervous, but it's nice to have an end goal and event in mind.  I also decided to pick two events at which I am somewhat apprehensive. Might as well use this is as a chance to conqueror a little internal obstacle while improving my functional fitness.  I've been wanting to participate in an organized bike event for quite some time. I figured this distance wouldn't be too bad to start out with.  I signed up for the 5K to see if I can try to find some enjoyment in jogging.  I will do a mixture of walking and jogging, but I'm still kind of excited about it.

In addition to these things, I've started working out at Metroflex again.  I'm focusing on my own training & development for the last part of this year.  I feel like things are finally coming together for my personal goals, and the chronic stress has subsided.  I feel happy, balanced, and mentally focused.  Now is my time.  Let's see what the next 5 months will bring...dedicated training, consistent eating, and nothing will get in my way.

Long-term goal is Figure 2012...Bring. It. On.  :-)

Anyway, today's training consisted of:
Early Morning/Empty Stomach Cardio (30 mins)
Evening Resistance Training: Legs

I'll start my new (updated) diet tomorrow.  I am not eating enough, hence my lack of weight loss progress. Time to get focused and eat like a competitor.

Yesterday marked a huge milestone for me. I actually rode 11.5 miles on my bike. I was nervous because I did the whole thing on the road.  However, I went early in the morning, and I LOVED every minute of it. It's so much different than my spin bike. I was tired, but happy. In the evening, I did some jogging on my treadmill (2.2 miles).  I have 4 weeks until the bike race, 5 weeks until the 5K, and I'm giving myself 16 weeks to see how close I can come to my personal goals.

Fitgirl is back with a vengence...

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Another Round of Bikes & Bells

Wow - I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted!  Anyway, wanted to share tonight's Bikes & Bells was another good one! It's similar to a workout that we've done in the past, but we kept things flowing and pushed our limits with each round.  Sadly, this doesn't look as exciting on paper, but the energy in the room, adrenaline, and a kick a$$ playlist really rocked this class out. I give it a 10!

You'll need your Gym Boss for this workout.  I used my iPhone to time the 5:00 bike rounds and the Gym Boss to time the bells rounds.   I set my Gym Boss up as follows:
Set it for 2 Auto Rounds
This way, it counts my 2:00 kettlebell rounds and allows me to transition every 30 seconds for rounds that call for that protocol.

Here's the workout:

Warm-up: 7:00 Bike
Rounds: 5:00 Bike + 1:00 Bike Recovery + 2:00 Bells

Round Details:
Bike 1: Seated Flat @ 90 RPM, Aggressive Resistance @ 5:00.
Bells 1: Swings - 2H, 1HL, 1HR, H2H @ 0:30/hand positions

Bike 2: Standing Climb @ 70 RPM, Heavy Resistance for 3:00, Seated Climb @ 65 RPM for 1:00, Sprint on Flat 0:30, Recover. 
Bells 2: Dead Clean Ladders 1/side, 2/side,.., 5/side..then work your way back down if time

Bike 3: Seated Flat Aggressive 4:00, conclude with 1 strong 0:30 sprint
Bells 3: Snatch Ladders: 5/side, 4/side, 3/side, ..then work your way back up if time

Bike 4: 3:00 seated flat, 1:00 standing flat, 4 sprints (0:20 work/0:10 recover)
Bells 4: Presses @ 0:30/side

--- We concluded here after 50 mins (included transition time, water breaks, etc).  If desired, keep going and add in any of the following rounds: ---

Bells 5: Windmill/OH Squat
Bells 6: KB Racked Squat 0:30, Mountain Climbers 0:30. Repeat both, leading with opposite side.
Bells 7: TGU's (1/side for 2:00 time)

In a rare occurrence, here is my playlist as well:
1. Tiesto - "Walking on Clouds" ... 7:18
2. Opus 3 - "It's a Fine Day (Remix)" ... 6:27 - I can't remember where I got this remix from, so here is a shorter ATB version that I've used in previous classes -
3. Kira - "I'll Be Your Angel" ... 4:25
4. Novy - "Touch Me (Radio Edit) ft. Abigail Bailey"... 4:56  - this is an awesome cover of Rui DiSilva's original version
5. Moby - "Lift Me Up" ... 3:06 - this is one of my favorite songs to climb to!
6. Sharam - "Be The Change" ... 6:58 (off of iTunes, Album: "Get Wild Special Limited Edition Bonus Track Version", Song: "Be The Change ft Ahousheh Khalili - track #1). The link i've provided isn't the actual version that I used but it will at least give you an idea for the song :-)
7. Daniel Bovie - "Love Me" ... 6:14
8. Origene - "Sanctuary Ivan Gough Remix" ... 9:17
9. Syke N' Sugarstarr - "No Love Lost Extended Mix" ... 7:17 (played this twice!)
--- Cool Down & Stretch with the remaining tracks ---
10. Telepopmusik - "Breathe Chunk Bass Mix" ... 7:17 here's a link to a similar (shorter) version in youtube -
11. Jay-Z - "Run This Town (Radio Edit)" ... 4:35
12. Lady Gaga - "Poker Face (Acoustic Music Live version)" ... 3:38
13. D: Fuse - "Living the Dream (Chill Version)" ... 5:53