Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Book Review: Sleekify

I just finished reading Michael Olajide's new book Sleekify.  I really enjoyed it!  I found it to be very inspirational.  I like the approach to the overall program, and Michael provided excellent pointers regarding form, diet, and program structure.  Some say that Sleekify is the updated version of Michael's Aerobox book from 1995.  I do not own the book, but I do have a workout that Michael collaborated on with Kathy Smith of the same title.

My only issue with the Sleekify book is that I am a very visual learner when it comes to exercise.  I would have liked to have a work-along series to accompany the book.  I'm already familiar with Michael's style, since I own several of his older titles.  Yet, I still had a hard time interpreting some of the moves from the descriptions and pictures.  I believe that his most recent workout series, Aerobox: System of Sleek, mirrors the workouts in the book relatively closely.  I ordered the DVD set (since the price on Amazon could not be passed up!), but I haven't had a chance to preview it extensively yet.

I actually plan to incorporate some of these workouts into my routine for the next few months.  More importantly, the direct reminders that address one's mindset when approaching fitness goals continue to resonate throughout my mind each day.  I love Michael's personality, his story, and his "cornerman" analogies.  If you're looking for a good book and a good program to start off the year, I highly recommend this one!

Here is a picture of the 1995 book Aerobox, courtsey of Amazon.com. It's amazing how Michael is still just as lean and muscular today as he was 20 years ago!  Phenomenal!