Sunday, July 06, 2008

Softball after 13 years!!!

I went with Jay to his work team's softball practice today. I played with the team just to get some exercise in, to enjoy the fun of athletic teamwork, and to meet some new people. I haven't played softball since high school, so I was a little nervous initially. I had a great time, but I played well also! Our team mates kept calling me an all-star - LOL. I felt great after 2 hours of practice and wanted to do some snatches (had my KB with me); the rest of the team seemed to lose focus and tire after about an hour. They all want me to play on the team moving forward. It was a great feeling! I've never considered myself to be a great sports athlete, but it did feel GREAT being part of a team again. I'm looking forward to practicing with them again next week.

Hope your Sunday is going well. I have a major suntan after today. I think that my sunblock is making my skin tan faster as opposed to blocking the sun rays :-)

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