Friday, July 04, 2008

My hamstrings are so sore

Oh my goodness....My hammies are so sore from Newport yesterday. I knew this was going to happen because my hamstrings & glutes were getting tight during the workout. I tried to do some preventive maintenance by doing a little extra stretching last night and sat in the sauna to let the heat penetrate my muscles. It could always be worse :-) My abs are also a little sore since I did the original AoS Newport DVD that has 1-min ab exercised appended to each exercise round. Crazy as it may sound, I couldn't wait to wake up today to go back to the track and do something new. I even bought a new 8kg kettlebell to continue Newport moving forward; this is something that I've been wanting to do for quite some time, as I despise my Power Systems 8kg kettlebell. I decided to try a Lifeline kettlebell this time. I'm going to post another entry on the different brands of kettlebells that I have. I'll post later about my workout for today. I had a good, long sleep today, so I'm going to be slow getting started for my workout.


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