Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fitgirl-Atx is back....

I haven't blogged in a LONG time, but I've been training hard and am getting ready for 2 shows later this year - one in August and one in October. I've been training very hard (working with my trainer). My diet is coming along; some days I'm better at following it than others. Consistency is key, so I know that I'll get where I need to be for the stage in time. The unfortunate downside of getting ready for a show is that I haven't trained with my bells since February/March timeframe. I do want to start incorporating AoS Newport into my conditioning routine starting in mid-June (once per week on Saturdays). I have a bad habit of overtraining because I like to do something challenging every day, so I'm trying hard NOT to overdo it.

I'm having a good time and my body is changing right before my eyes. Even though the scale hasn't changed a lot (about 6 pounds), my body composition is awesome. My shoulders, arms, and legs are coming out very nicely! I'm also trying some new workouts/diet from Alwyn Cosgrove for a month to shock my system. I tried a Krav Maga class on Monday night, and it was awesome. I was nervous about going since I haven't done any group conditioning work in ages, but I discovered that my endurance & conditioning are still really good. Class was a great confidence booster. It was at that class that I realized for the first time just how good I am looking. My shoulders and arms were showing nice definition, and I'm very pleased with my legs. My legs are big, but they have a very pretty shape and my musculature is starting to show nicely. I'm going to WSSC (FINALLY) next weekend and am going to have an absolute blast! It will be good to brush up on my spinning technique to bring into my classes.

I'll post some pictures soon and updates on my progress.

Until then, rock on friends.... :-)


Anthony C said...

hey stranger... new blog address on my part-

Jennifer said...

So good to have you back, Nia! I've been wondering what the heck was going on. Glad to hear you're still on track even though not blogging regularly. Can't wait to see the pics. Like Anthony C., I've got a new blog