Sunday, October 02, 2011

Finally Found...

Well, in my last post, I mentioned how I was having a hard time finding a gym nearby that had the atmosphere that I have been missing.  Well, I finally found it.  I toured Lifetime Fitness, which I have belonged to in the past.  It is very close to my home and has a ton of classes and amenities.  My personal experience with Lifetime Fitness, though, is that I always felt it was "too nice".  Meaning, whenever I'd go there to lift weights or exercise, I felt like people weren't really working hard and that it was too nice of a gym to really focus on the "down and dirty" exercise.  I loved Lifetime for its amenities. I definitely found myself going to enjoy the spa and the sauna more than my regular workouts. It was also so big that I felt overwhelmed there.  Anyway, I got the same feeling when I toured the gym again.  So, I decided that wasn't going to be the one for me.

I revisited the new gym that opened about 2 miles from my house - Champion Fitness - which I toured a few weeks ago.  I'd been dreaming about that place and had an instant energy on my first visit.  The cost of the gym was about the same as Lifetime, and I think that they are both on the pricey side.  However, I was so apprehensive about joining due to the administration cost, enrollment cost and monthly fee.  Yesterday they had their grand opening, and I went..with the full intention of enrolling.  I did just that and got a workout in while I was there.  To my surprise, they had an awesome special on opening day AND a discounted membership due to my corporate affiliation.  So, I felt very happy getting the membership down to a reasonable rate..still on the high end, but justifiable in my monthly budget.  The gym is brand spanking new, as is all of their equipment.  This made me very happy!  Yesterday, I did 30 mins of cardio on the new Precors and some of the Kinesis strength circuit equipment.  It was all so awesome. The gym is just the right size, and I am looking forward to more workouts there!  Today I rode my bike over to the gym, did 15 mins on the Precor AMT, did an hour of a full body circuit, and finished with some stretching.  I finally feel like I've found the right place for me. Yippeeee!!!

BTW - I decided NOT to join the running club after all.  Instead, I decided to use the money for the gym membership, which I thought would be more long-lasting.  In addition, my accupuncturist mentioned that she thought I needed a back adjustment. I thought the running might exacerbate the issue.

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