Thursday, February 07, 2008

It's a brighter day.....

Well, I can safely say that the funk I was in a few weeks back is officially over (and I deleted my funky post to completely eradicate bad thoughts from my mind). I realized that it was all negativity that was getting to me. I had to face facts that I haven't been training or eating as strictly as I should. I have my head on straight and my mind is totally focused. I'm not going to get on the scale for a while; it's pointless. I'll let my body composition changes denote my progress. I also realized that I am not fat. I'm strong and muscular, but far from fat! I was working out the other day and noticed muscles popping out every where. I just had to open my eyes and see for myself - notice the beautiful changes in my physique as opposed to listening to the hurtful comments of someone else. Am I exactly where I want to be? Not yet, but I'm getting there. One of the most difficult things for me about being a competitor is that you train and diet for so long, get down to a weight & size that aren't exactly normal for you, and then I have a hard time readjusting to the "normal" me.

Competition will soon come again...later this year as a matter of fact. I'll start working with my coach again in about a month. And I am confident that when he sees me, he will be very pleased with my progress. I haven't lost an ounce of muscle and even added in places where I was deficient. Yes, a little fat has been added in the process; it's only natural. When I start my competition diet (oh joy) it will all come off quickly. I just need to step back and love me for who I am -- and today is that day.

My advice to those of you struggling with self-image issues, which we ALL do from time to time, is to not let anyone else ROB you of your joy. Find at least 2 good things to say about yourself each day and embrace them. Really dig deep and identify whether or not you are working as hard as you should be or are as dedicated as you need to be. If there is something that is not balanced, then change it - that simple. I'm going to actually post some PICTURES in a few days...sort of my progress report today.

Guess what else -- I actually am working on conquering ANOTHER nemisis of guessed it -- running! I joined a beginner's running group, and I did really well on the first day! I'm going to give it a month and we'll see how I do. I enjoy and welcome the challenge. I am always excited to conquer my fears.

Lastly, I want to thank all of the wonderful friends who reached out to me when I was feeling blue. Your comments made all of the difference! Love you guys alot!!

Make it a great one! Now, I'm off to the gym!


Anthony said...

glad to see you have regained your contact with reality... get your game face on for the TX KB meetup... people will make fun of you if a skinny white boy like me gets the best of you... im just sayin... :)

Rob O'Brien said...


Keep up the good attitude!


Jennifer said...

Glad to have you back! :)