Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Good News

I have some excellent news. Jerry (my trainer) said that since I am leaning out nicely, I can add 1 day of kettlebell workouts to my regimen, light weight only. Soooo, that means that I can finally bust out AoS NEWPORT and Firepower again, and my rope conditioning as well. I am so pumped! I'm going to do Newport this week as a tribute to my brother from another mother - Anthony C. I know that it's going to kick my butt, and I can't wait! My first show is officially 12 weeks away, so it's time to get SERIOUS and FOCUSED. I can do it!!!

I'm also going to get a real road bike this week sometime so that I can start riding outside. I am hooked!! The only caveat - I must have a PURPLE bike with white handle bars :-)

On a completely random note, I just noticed how much my home gym has changed since the picture posted on the right hand side. We added some more stuff to it, so I'll have to take some more pictures and repost. It's come such a long way; I love my little workout space!

Today is a beautiful day! ENJOY IT!!!


Jennifer said...

HELL YEAH! Purple is the ONLY way to go!

Anthony C said...

newport is a bitch. it continues to openly mock me. i will conquer it one day.

i did firepower for the first time today and i think its going to be my new mistress.

also, you're looking pretty trim in those pics of the bike race- good job!

me+austin= week after next.