Sunday, June 29, 2008

Meet Black Magic....

Soooo, I finally got my road bike on Thursday from the wonderful folks at Bicycle Sport Shop. I love it, and I've named her "Black Magic." But, damn it if I didn't fall off that bi*ch TWICE already!! LOL! I had clipless pedals installed since I am comfortable using my cycling shoes on my indoor spinning bike, and I'd used them on my rental road bike a few weeks back. I thought that I'd gotten over the "newbie" adjustment period since I did well on my rental bike. Well, I was WRONG! I fell the first time trying to stop/clip-out; my reaction time was good, but my foot wouldn't disengage from the cleat. I went down to the Veloway on Saturday to practice and get used to my bike in a controlled environment. I also took a Cycling Safety class on Friday night, sponsored by the Austin Cycling Association and the League of American Bicyclists. Anyway, I'm used to falling on my bike now, so I can only improve from here. I'm contemplating doing the Lance Armstrong Foundation's Race for the Cure ride in Austin in late October; it will depend on how much practice I can get in this summer.

We had a great weekend! Our nephews came over and spent the weekend with us. We had alot of fun, though it was a bit exhausting at times. Anyway, I'm looking forward to putting some more miles on Black Magic this week. I'll post some pictures of my new pride & joy!

Black Magic - she isn't exactly purple and white, but I still love her!

Wicked Seat


Jennifer said...

Awesome! Can't wait to see the pics. I have to be honest, clipless pedals scare the hooey out of me. I've got the goodies for my mountain bike, but having been brave enough to try.

Anthony C said...

i still cant sots press. its b.c im a little bitch. also, i cannot bent-press either. see reason above.

newport KILLED me today.

ill most likely be in austin next week. details to follow.