Tuesday, July 12, 2011

20/10 Maddness

I've had alot of really great changes happening over the past few weeks, which is the reason for the delayed postings.  Anyway, I wanted to share a workout that was BRUTAL from tonight's bikes & bells class. It was a tough workout!!  Pull out your GymBoss timers for this one, folks!

I put both of my classes through this workout tonight. One group made it through 5 rounds; the other to 4. We scaled appropriately. For those of you warriors, take it up to the next level by completing all 8 rounds.


FitGirl's 20/10 Maddness Workout

Warm-Up: 5:00 bike

Circuit Rounds:
Complete as many rounds as you can from round 1 up to 8. Use your Gym Boss timer to seamlessly execute the 0:20/0:10 rounds.
* 2:00 Bike
* 0:20 work/0:10 rest for 8 rounds of the given exercise listed below

Cool-Down: 5:00 Easy Pedaling or Walking

Round 1: Swings {Try doing 1H swings, switching sides for each 0:20 work period}
Round 2: Push-Ups (if 8 consecutive rounds of push-ups is too advanced, do 4 rounds push-ups, 4 rounds planks)
Round 3: Mountain Climbers
Round 4: Snatches or {Dead Clean & Press, switching sides for each 0:20 work period}
Round 5: Body Weight Squats
If you make it this far, you're entering warrior zone!!
Round 6: Tricep Dips
Round 7: Shoulder Presses
Round 8: Swings

Notice that I did not call the "off-bike" sessions Tabata drills. They are based on the same time intervals as Tabata (20 seconds work, 10 seconds active rest for 8 rounds [4:00 total] ), but a true tabatata is done at 100% effort.  If we were doing true Tabata drills, we'd only pick 1 of the 8 drills to complete.  So, this workout would be more appropriately coined metabolic conditioning.  Anyway, no matter what category you give it, I call this workout HARD (in all caps)! :-D

Let me know if you give it a shot!


RedPanda said...

Oh Good Lord Almighty! That workout sounds beyond brutal!

I have a strange desire to do it - one day when I'm brave enough!

Fitgirl-ATX said...

Atta Girl, RedPanda!! Let me know if you do it. If you don't have an indoor cycling bike, no worries. Just swap out any form of cardio (i.e. treadmill, elliptical, jumping jacks, high knees, jogging in place, jump rope, etc).

You are brave enough! Just eat your wheaties first and make sure that you're well hydrated before you attempt this workout.

RedPanda said...

The more I think about it, the more I like the idea!

I have all the prerequisites - a spinning bike, bells, a GymBoss and head-banging music. Oh, and a puke bucket!

Fitgirl-ATX said...

That's great, RedPanda! Please Let me know how you like the workout! Have you tried any of the others that I've posted? I would love to hear your feedback!