Saturday, November 12, 2011

Training Update

So my training for the past month has been very solid.  I'm taking a class on Tues/Thursday nights for work, so that has put a glitch in my training plans. I am working around it though.  For instance, on class nights, I go to the gym right after work and get in a 45-minute workout before class, either lifting weights or cardio. Sometimes I do early morning cardio on class days, just in case I needed the hour in between class and work to do homework.  I also changed my work schedule from 7:30-4:30, which has really allowed me to balance better.  For the past month, I've also been boxing twice a week and lifting weights 2-3 times per week. I'll be moving that up to 4 days per week of boxing, lifting 3x per week, and at least 1 day of yoga.

I'm feeling really good.  I had a sleep study done, and finally discovered the root cause of my weight loss struggles as of late.  I'm under constant stress and am not getting restorative sleep. So, my doctor gave me some suggestions to change around my evening routine to improve my sleep quality, and I've dropped 6 pounds!  I've always known the importance of sleep and the impacts of sleep deprivation and stress. I knew that I've been under alot of stress, but I couldn't imagine that my sleep was being impacted that badly...but that is indeed the case.  I'm looking forward to making good changes and getting closer to my end of year goals.

Caio for now folks!!

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