Tuesday, March 17, 2009

VitaMix is on the way...

I am so excited that my Vitamix is on the way (okay - this is a blender that I'm getting amped about). I have gone through 5 blenders in the past 3 years - burning motors, completely destroying parts, etc. In the amount that I've spent on cheap blenders, I decided to suck it up and finally get a Vitamix. I'm so excited about it!!!

I went to a health institute in late December, where I was introduced to the concept of eating a diet more rich in raw foods. I absolutely loved the results - increased energy, better body function, etc. I was able to maintain this new way of eating for about 1.5 months. February introduced its own set of personal challenges, and my diet was the least of my worries. Well, now I'm ready to get back on the regimen of incorporating more raw foods into my daily eating lifestyle. I don't think that I want to become a 100% raw foodist, but I do want raw food to ultimately make up 60-75% of my diet. I found a lovely raw foods restaurant here in Austin that I frequent often. I feel so much better when I'm eating raw, getting in my wheatgrass shots, etc. When I eat processed foods or fall into the convenience trap, I feel my entire body just become sluggish and shut down.

Okay, I'm off my soap box now, but suffice it to say that I can't wait for Thursday to get here! Green smoothies here I come!

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