Saturday, May 30, 2009

WSSC 2009 - Awesome!!

I just got back from the 10th annual World Spinning & Sports Conference. It was such an amazing experience (as per usual). Even though I wasn't able to attend the entire conference, I was grateful for the 1.5 days that I had to spend there. This was an opportunity to focus on myself and my own endurance, while still picking up tips & tricks for more efficient coaching of my clients.

After a super long day of travel, I had about 2 hours to unwind before the Intense White ride (2 hours). It was the most exhilirating experience for me! I didn't think that I'd be able to ride with such intensity, energy, and strength for so long. Josh Taylor was amazing. Last year, I didn't get to participate in his pre-conference ride or the ride with team spinning, so it was my priority to get one of those in during this trip. I am so glad I chose Josh's ride. The music was great, energy was off the chain...couldn't have asked for a better "welcome to WSSC" experience. I didn't get a ticket for the Ride with Team Spinning on Friday night. I think it was for the best, because I was already exhausted from a full day of activity. I rode twice on Friday - one endurance & one strength - each about 1.25 hours. So, in 2 days, I had about 4.5 hours logged on the bike. It was simply awesome.

I'm tired, but ready to head home now. Mission accomplished :-)

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