Saturday, September 05, 2009

Flywheel Fitness

Austin has a new indoor rowing facility called Flywheel Fitness. I love to support other local fitness businesses. This facility is located in South Austin and is about 1000 sqft. I wanted to attend the "novice" class to make sure that I had proper rowing form, as I've never been taught professionally. Let me just say that I had a wonderful 45-minute workout.

I took the novice class with Sara (the owner). I had a wonderful time! Sara is an incredibly personable and knowledgeable instructor. She was very attentive and encouraging. She gave me several useful pointers on improving technique without being overwhelming. I highly recommend taking a class at Flywheel Fit. The facility is very clean and inviting, and the rowers are the absolute best (Concept 2). If you are in the Austin area, please suport this wonderful facility! I live in the Northwest part of the city and made the effort to go down south to welcome them into Austin. They just had their grand opening party this past Friday to celebrate one-month of being in business. Thank you, Sara! I had a great time!

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