Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy holidays everyone!!

Wow - time has just flown by!! There have been/continue to be so many changes on the horizon for my life that I haven't had time to post (obviously). The good news: well, it's all good news!! A few highlights though: I'm still working with my clients and they are getting GREAT results!! I'm so proud of their accomplishments each and every day. One client has lost over 20 pounds; another has lost pounds, inches, and has completely reshaped her body; all clients are making positive steps toward adopting healthier habits in their lives. I am supremely proud of it all!!!

My personal progress: Still having a ton of ups & downs...I'm STILL not where I want to be, but I had to really own up to the fact that I haven't been doing what I know will get results. I haven't been training consistently, I haven't been eating properly or drinking enough, how can I expect change to happen. My energy levels were shot..BUT, I did get a metabolic assessment test done, and, as I suspected, my body is grossly overtrained (and therefore holds on to any and everything that it can get). So, I've been taking it back to basics for the past 7 days, and I feel absolutely GREAT! I've done 3 days of strength training (in a periodized fashion) and done cardio everyday. Due to my exhausted state, cardio is best done low intensity, steady state (which is the biggest challenge for me). I feel great that I am finally down to the bottom of the root of my physical health problems. Over the past few months, my depression/anxiety are in check, stress levels are down, and I'm generally alot happier. I have some exciting career transitions in the works, and, even though it's a bit scary at times, I'm loving the journey.

I hope that you all are doing well and taking care of yourselves and your loved ones. Almost another year has gone by for us...make the most of the last few weeks and enter 2010 with a positive, fresh perspective.

In health & peace!!!

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