Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry CHRISTmas!!

I ususally reserve my blogging to health & fitness related topics, but I wanted to share 2 gospel songs/videos this Christmas Eve. May you be surrounded by family, friends, love, and find peace this holiday season.

Jessy Dixon: Sanctuary
First, I must post a video of a powerful song that reminds me of my purpose in this lifetime. The words make me thankful that Christ was born and died so that we all may have everlasting life. Merry Christmas to those who are Christ followers, and happy holidays to all. Live each day to the fullest and rejoice for a seat has been prepared for reservation required..but belief must be in your heart...Amen.

Go Tell it on the Mountain
Second, I heard "Go Tell it on the Mountain" in church this evening. It struck a cord so deep, as this was my Grandmother's favorite song. I remember that she gave me this record when I was a young girl (around age 10 or so), and I would listen to it in my room over and over again. Since her passing, I haven't been able to listen to it again, and tonight there it was loud and lovely in church. It reminded me that even though she's been gone 16 years now, she still watches over me and loves me. This is a perfect time since the song announces the birth of Christ - go tell it everywhere...He is born! The video was one that I found on youtube, and I thought it was just beautiful (and none other than the legendary Ms. Mahalia Jackson of course).

Merry Christmas everyone! With love, life, & purpose - Fitgirl-ATX

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