Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2009 Fitness DVD Library Additions

Of course now that I've returned to becoming active in various fitness community forums, I'm being introduced to new instructors/DVDs that I want to have in my library. I was doing pretty good with purchases until I became "enabled" again :-). Seriously, 2009 has been pretty tame. I've added the following thus far:

Strength Training Workouts
1) Cathe Friedrich: Shock Training System (STS). I completed STS Meso 1 (muscle endurance) in March and am finishing up Meso 2 (hypertrophy) now. I'll do Meso 3 later in 2010. As you know, Cathe is one of my absolute favorite instructors!!

Kettlebell & TRX Workouts:
I have a pretty extensive kettlebell DVD library, so I didn't really add much this year. TRX was new for me this year, so I stocked up on some of their DVDs, and they have all been gems!
1) Franz & Yoanna Sniedman: Revolution Solution: Combining Ropes & Kettlebells for Maximum Fitness & Fat Loss and Quick Results Kettlebell Workout. I was disappointed that these weren't work-along DVDs. As such, I felt they were overpriced (although they were decent workouts).
2) TRX: Ropes & Straps 1, Ropes & Straps 2, TRX Essentials: Strength, TRX Essentials: Flexibility, TRX Performance: Team Sports, TRX Performance: Train Like the Pros --> ALL of these DVDs were incredible! I did find Ropes & Straps 2 a bit too advanced for me. I'm still working up to it :-)

Boxing/Kickboxing Workouts
I re-discovered my love for boxing & kickboxing workouts. It also reminded me that I don't have alot in my DVD collection in those generes. So, I focused on adding more of those workouts to the library. Here's what I've added so far.
1) Michael Olajide: Aerobox, Savage & Serene -> Haven't tried these yet, but I know they'll be awesome. I love Michael Olajide's style and intensity.
2) Tracey Stahele: Cardio Kickbox Challenge (pre-order, will be my first workout of hers)
3) Billy Blanks: I am a huge TaeBo fan, and I always enjoy Billy's workouts. I am planning to add his TaeBo Amped series later this month.
4) Cardio Fight: New on my list is Wally Holms' Cardio Fight series, but I probably won't add it until next year.

High Intensity Workouts
1) Shaun T: Insanity & Insanity Deluxe (someone was selling on my local Craigslist, and I scored the set for $70!!). I also got the 3 deluxe Insanity DVD's. I plan on doing an Insanity rotation in February.
2) Cathe Friedrich: STS Shock Cardio - it just arrived today, and I plan on doing the circuits & boxing workouts through 1Q2010.

Low Intensity workouts
1) Leslie Sansone: Since I'm still forced to do some lower intensity workouts for a few weeks, I picked up a couple of Leslie Sansone DVD's to do in-home walking now that the weather has gotten colder

"Hated-it" Workouts
1) Jari Love: Get Extremely Ripped & Get Extremely Ripped 1000 (sold both..wasn't very enthused about them)

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