Tuesday, July 02, 2013


So, now it's time for the 'working on happily ever after' part of my story.  This past 12 months have resulted in 3 absolutely amazing gifts.

1. Lean Eating:  For the past year, I have been participating in a program sponsored by Precision Nutrition called Lean Eating.  The program is in its last few weeks, and I have been selected as a finalist (Finalist #18)!!  I had an amazing coach-turned friend (Cynthia) throughout the program.  She really helped me stay focused, acknowledge the positive, and approach my massive goal in smaller chunks. 

2. Bobby Whisnand: In conjunction with this program, I have been working very closely with my life coach locally (Bobby Whisnand).  Bobby recently released a series of exercise DVD's  sponsored by the American Heart Association called It's All Heart.  He invited me to be a part of his cast (something that has been a dream of mine since I was 19 years old!).  Bobby's invitation came at the end of September 2012, after another stress-induced adrenal crash, a blood sugar dip into diabetic range, and another 23 pounds of unexplained, rapid weight gain. When we started rehearsing for the DVD's last October, I was at my absolute highest weight in life.  However, I accepted his invitation.  Even though I did look as I wanted to on the outside, I was encouraged to keep trying, remain committed, and just do my very best.  I decided that I would let the cards fall wherever they may.

3. Transformation: I finally started losing weight and changing my attitude and mindset in October 2012.  The invitation to participate in the DVD filming was the catalyst.  Keeping up with the lessons in the Lean Eating program were the glue.  I have dropped 50 pounds since Sept 26, 2012!!  I am 25 pounds away from my 'normal' weight, and I am finally fitting back into all of my beautiful dresses. In my most recent check-up this past April, my blood sugar levels FINALLY returned to normal ranges. Even though I will continue to have to manage the condition for the rest of my life, I am proof that you can be healed and set free of your ailments.  I was able to rediscover FAITH in MYSELF and turn this thing around!  Most importantly, I have found my self confidence and my SMILE again.  I am no longer hiding from the camera or avoiding social settings.  I am rediscovering life again.  I am truly in a happy place right now.  My end goal is eminent.  My heart and outlook are once again positive, and I feel like I am finally back to myself.  I feel strong again - mentally, physically, and emotionally.  This state of mind is truly priceless. 

Thank you for allowing me to share my test, my testimony, and my joy with you.  Please know that if you are experiencing challenges in your life, the pain and hurt will not last forever. You are NOT alone in your struggles. I felt so incredibly alone during my 5-year test and like nobody understood what was happening to me.  I realize now that I needed to go through these experiences.  This was my destiny.  My real name means "purpose," and I now realize that my reason for going through all of this was to emerge stronger and to share my story and experience with others.

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