Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tonight's Workout - Simple & Effective

Tonight's workout was so simple, yet so incredibly effective.  I burned a ton of calories and was sweating buckets.  We took our measurements and photos before the workout.  The entire thing took us about 58 minutes.  If you give it a shot, let me know what you think!

Warm-up (5:00)
Treadmill (walk/jog)

Kettlebell Technique Practice (~10:00)
Introduced my workout partner to 2 new moves.  We used them later in our circuit. She picked them up quickly.
-Dead Cleans
-Long Cycle Cleans
-Push Presses

Circuit (3x)
Start on your non-dominant side
1H Swing x 5
1H Clean x 3
1H Press/Push Press x 3
H2H Swings x 5
Repeat on the other side and then rest 1:00

Timed Rounds (3x)
Perform each exercise for 1:00
- Cardio (we used the Treadmill, Versaclimber, and Stair Stepper)
- 2H KB Swing
- Kickboxing (we used the heavy bag, practicing kick/punch/jumping jacks combinations)
Rest 1:00 in between rounds (our rest turned out to be more like 1:45 in between rounds...this kicked our butts tonight)

Step Ups x (0:30/leg), hold a DB for balance. Complete 2 rounds

Crunches x 15
Oblique Crunches x 15/side
Low Back Superman x 15
Low Back Alt Arm/Leg Raise x 10 (R-L is one rep)


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