Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Little Morning Cardio

Admittedly the most difficult thing for me to do is workout first thing in the morning, mostly because I'd rather be sleeping. So, any time that I actually get a morning, pre-breakfast workout in is a day that I feel good about. I'm usually not able to get enough energy in the early morning to push to any high level of intensity, but I do the best I can. This morning I hit the bike for 25 minutes, doing some interval training. It was a nice workout, and I got a good sweat going. I'd contemplated doing Providence, but I definitely don't train well with the bells in the morning. Tonight I will either do Providence or P90X Shoulders & Arms. My shoulders and arms need a little bulking up. Over the next 7 weeks, my focus will be on fat loss and conditioning. I may train shoulders & arms a little heavier, but it's usually counter productive (and unrealistic) to strive for fat loss, conditioning, and mass building at the same time. I'm also considering giving Performance Nutrition a run...still thinking on that....

Have a great day ahead, and I'll check in tonight.

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