Saturday, October 27, 2007

Decided not to pursue the RKC

Well, folks, I ultimately decided not to go for my RKC last weekend. I trained really hard, but I felt like I was focusing on the wrong things. I kept focusing on the snatch test and getting my numbers up, but I kept questioning what this was really teaching me? Does it make me a better instructor because I can snatch a 16kg kettlebell 19 times on each side? I personally don't think so. That is more a statement of my physical endurance. However, it does not teach me or reinforce skills to help me become a great instructor. The snatch is a wonderful exercise, and throughout this process, I certainly learned how to snatch (finally!). However, other aspects of my training suffered because I was focusing so much on a single exercise. I feel that my kettlebell training was at its best last summer. I was training 5-6 times per week, specifically with kettlebells using an arsenal of different exercises, and my conditioning, endurance, and physique all changed as a result. So, I want to take some time to get back to basics...not stress so much...focus on my true love of kettlebell lifting and rediscover the joy of teaching others.

My philosophy and training dynamic have certainly changed over the course of this year. While I think the RKC would be useful, it is not the route that I have elected to take to pursue my true passion. I don't even find the DD forums as useful as I once did. I am growing, learning, and contributing much more at the AoS forums. My passion is teaching others healthy lifestyles through physical fitness, specifically through activities such as spinning, boxing, kettlebell training, and sports-specific conditioning drills. I am an awesome spinning coach. I've taught other forms of group exercise, but for me, spinning definitely brought out my passion for coaching. I feel the same way with kettlebells. I believe firmly in the power of kettlebell training, and I want to spread that message to as many people as I can. Although I am still going through my own personal journey with kettlebells, my goal is to train to no only become an outstanding kettlebell athlete, but also to become an outstanding kettlebell coach and instructor like Anthony DiLugio, Mike Mahler, and Lisa Shaffer. Instead of the RKC, I'm planning to take Anthony's well rounded series of AoS courses to help me in this venture. I'd also like to do some work with Jason C. Brown/Kettlebell Athletics and Zach Evan-Esh. I love those underground, non-traditional, kick-your-arse-every-time training techniques!! No disrespect to the RKC method at all. It served a purpose for me and really introduced me to the sport. However, it is not the right avenue for me to achieve my personal goals of instructing at this time.

Thanks to all of the wonderful friends & trainers who have supported me through this experience - Anthony DiLugio, Rob O'Brien, Lisa Shaffer, Jen B, & Mike Mahler.

With Anthony's help, I'm working on something even bigger & better for 2008......Get Ready Austin, TX!


Jennifer said...

I'm glad to hear you found a place with your future training that gives you peace. Sometimes sifting through all the hype becomes exhausting, but I agree that Anthony's overall approach to life and health seems to be a well-rounded one. I'm hoping that we can get him down to Houston before too much longer. It'll be GREAT to meet you guys face-to-face! And if I ever make it to Austin, I'll look forward to what no doubt is a kickass spin class. :)
Glad to have you back on your blog!

Anthony said...
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Anthony said...


Get down to H-Town- we'll get serious. It's only 1hr45min drive. My tire wants new friends.

fitgirl-atx said...

Hey Jen - I've been trying to post on your blog for a while - never have any luck!

Anthony C - you betcha I'll be there, brother. I love tire work :-) See you in the spring time