Saturday, January 03, 2009

Beautiful day, hard workout

Well, this afternoon was a lovely 80+ degrees in Austin, so I decided to take full advantage. I felt like my strength was relatively good today, so I went out to the track with my kettlebells and my MP3 player. I did AoS Providence (excluding the Sicilian Crush and Flip/Squat Rounds), including the 3 minute snatch test at the end. I did the workout with my 12kg bell, but dropped down for some of the clean/press cycles to the 9kg bell. I also added a round of snatch/TGU (3 per side) and concluded my workout by trying my hand at the RKC grad workout. I did the grad workout the width of the football field, instead of the length :-) It was pretty brutal, and I only used double 9kg!! I don't think that I fully mastered the walking see saw press. My goal is to do the grad workout the width of the football field every weekend and the length of the football field once a month.

I feel like my strength is slowly returning, along with my determination and endurance. My body has been screwed up for a long time, and this healing process has been equally long. However, I know that 2009 will be the return of me -- finally! I'll continue to go slowly and at my own pace, but I, for certain, will never give up.

Here's to 2009!!! :-) Depending on the weather, I might do Newport, Firepower, or one of the Goddess workouts tomorrow. I'm not supposed to do really strenuous workouts now, so I just take things slowly and do what I can.

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Jennifer said...

So good to hear from you finally! I love the optimism in your voice and hearing that you're feeling on the way to recovery. I absolutely cannot wait to hear what '09 brings for you!