Saturday, January 03, 2009

Optimum Health Institute

Just before Christmas, I went on a 1-week excursion at the Optimum Health Institute and ventured into the world of raw foods. There are only 2 OHI's in the country, and one just happens to be right in my back yard! I've been taking some raw foods classes and doing more juicing since my return from the institute. I don't think that I'll ever move to a 100% raw diet, but would like to get to about 50/50.

It was a life enriching experience. I met new people whom I am now very honored to call new friends. I also had a chance to give my mind, body, and spirit a much needed rest, and used the opportunity to cleanse and detox as well. The program is a 3-week experience, that can be completed 1 week at a time. I am looking forward to returning in 2009 for my remaining 2 weeks of the program.

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