Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Power of Positive Thinking

I'm generally an incredibly positive, optimistic, good natured person. Since my health has been on a downward spiral the past 18 months, I've noticed that so did my positivity. I didn't like that at all, and I knew that negative thinking wasn't/isn't me. I went through periods of saying positive things, but not believing them. I also went through periods of depression and that was no good. Well, I've seen the dawn of a new day, and that feels wonderful. I do not enjoy being a "negative nancy" at all, and I've ceased those unhealthy practices. Instead, I have resumed keeping a gratitude diary and instead of beating myself up about one thing or another, I practice believing (not just saying) positive affirmations every day. My spirits are good, and I FINALLY feel like my body is healing. Even though my progress is slow (and my doctor agrees), at least things are moving in the right direction. I needed to heal spiritually, mentally, and physically. Until I get all 3 in balance, I will never really complete my healing journey. Now I'm on the right road. My holistic system is regaining balance. I am feeling like I am getting back to a place that feels normal and happy for me...and no person or situation can take that away from me ... ;-) I find things to smile about every day. I am a very blessed person, with a very healthy, happy family surrounding me. I find joy in the little things, like taking a walk or looking up in the sky and seeing the sun shine. Best of all, I love going to the gym and teaching class. I enjoy being a positive role model for those around me. I feel incredibly fortunate to have that passion...and now is the time to use that passion to continue focusing on "me". I've realized that sometimes it's okay not to give it all keep a little for myself...and continue to be the best "me" that I can be...Be encouraged today!!

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Jennifer said...

Why is it SO hard to learn that we can place ourselves in a position of priority? I'm so glad you are learning how!