Tuesday, February 17, 2009

200 Swing Challenge

This afternoon, I completed an Ab Routine from STS and then proceeded with the following KB workout:

Warm-Up Set
5 Snatches/side@ 12kg
10 cleans/side @ 12kg
15 swings @ 16kg
5 Snatches/side @ 16kg - I just wanted to see if I could still do it :-) Gotta love the muscle memory that's preserved with KB training! WOW! They weren't the prettiest snatches in the world, but I got over the mental obstacle.

Work Set:
100 swings @ 16kg (finished in 3 mins, 10 seconds)
100 swings @ 20kg (took about 5 mins; wasn't as diligent about timing this one) - I actually think that I can move up to the 24kg for swings...but I'll continue to log some hours with the 16kg and 20kg for the next 2 months until my AoS cert in May.

I'm trying to get in 100-200 swings/day for cardio & conditioning and increase my snatch endurance. I'm doing a little bit each day to get myself back in KB shape as my body continues to heal; I definitely don't want to overdue it at this point.

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