Thursday, June 11, 2009

Highly Recommend AoS Vintage Providence..when it's released

For all of you Art of Strength fans, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the upcoming AoS Vintage Providence release. As I previously posted, I had the esteemed pleasure & honor of attending the AoS Essentials weekend course at Punch Rumford this past weekend. We had an opportunity to do the Vintage Providence workout on our last day, and it was nothing short of amazing! (you can see a few pictures of me doing the workout from yesterday's post). The Vintage twist really put a new spin on an old favorite. It was absolutely incredible. If you love the original Providence, the Vintage version will continue to challenge you and make you fall in love with the workout all over again.

Vintage Providence will be released as a downloadable work-along DVD in the next few weeks. Personally, I am dying to get a copy :-). Look out for this DVD, y'all! You must experience it for yourself! Even if you don't have the vintage dumbbells & barbells, I am going to give it a shot with regular dumbbells and bodybars (maybe a lighter women's oly bar). I'll post a notice when it becomes available for sale.

Keep training hard!

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