Sunday, June 21, 2009

Vintage Providence is HERE!!!

I posted about 2 weeks ago raving about having the opportunity to try the Vintage Providence workout when I attended the AoS certification training weekend. Well, the wait is's finally here! Head on over to the AoS store to get a copy! The Vintage Providence workout was nothing short of amazing! The Vintage twist really put a new spin on an old favorite (i.e. Providence). It was absolutely incredible.

If you love the original Providence, the Vintage version will continue to challenge you and make you fall in love with the workout all over again. It's an entirely new workout with a few familiar elements. The workout uses kettlebells, vintage dumbbells, and vintage barbells. You must experience it for yourself! Even if you don't have the vintage dumbbells & barbells, I am going to give it a shot with regular dumbbells, bodybars, and possibly a lighter women's oly bar. Vintage Providence is being released as a downloadable 60-minute work-along workout. It will come with downloads for your computer, iPhone, iPod, and Blackberry.

Keep training hard! Head on over to the AoS store to get a copy! I will definitely be adding this to my own personal workout library.

Here is the trailer:

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Sarah Rippel said...

Hey Nia!
I'm a fellow Texan, although residing in Louisiana. Chris Jenks told me to drop you a line. I wanna pick your brain about other stuff b/c I to am a trainer and I used to compete in fitness. Anyhow, I'm an AOS affiliate and am curious to know how things operate. Let's just say i'm not very happy at the moment and would like someone else's opinion b/c I would like to think i'm not getting the brush-off by them. I"ll just leave it at that!
Thanks for your time
Yours in Health,