Thursday, September 11, 2008

Workout Updates

I've been slackin on my updates :-) I've been writing them in my journal and been too lazy to post them here.

Wed, 9/3 - Off
Thurs, 9/4 - Spinning (Endurance)
Fri, 9/5 - Shoulders & Arms w/ Jerry
Sat, 9/6 - Off
Sun, 9/7 - Sports Massage
Mon, 9/8 - Off
Tues, 9/9 - Spinning (Interval) & Weights
Wed, 9/10 - Off
Thur, 9/11 - Spinning (Interval - we went for 75 mins tonight)
Fri, 9/12 - Legs (PM) & cardio (AM)
Sat, 9/13 - Chest & Cardio
Sun, 9/14 - Back & Cardio & Abs

1 comment:

bicyclegirl2000 said...

hey fitgirl,

i run into your site every now & then & am interested in talking to you. i live in austin too. i've been looking for kettlebell classes here but am not having any luck. i think one time i read that you mite start up a class here. did you ever do that? if you have a chance, email me at i'd love to get some more info & possibly some references on some different type workouts - possibly some good bootcamps or something.

you're a great inspiration.

austin, tx