Friday, November 15, 2013

Sick Day

I am totally bummed.  I am sick.  I foresaw this happening when I took my seat on my flight on Monday morning.  Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a major germ-o-phob.  This means that I thoroughly wipe down my airplane seat and the one next to me with lysol AND clorox bleach wipes.  I was the first person on the plane, which gave me plenty of time to stow my luggage and get to the task of disinfecting.  Mind you, my client is very cost conscious, which means that I am forced to fly Spirit Airlines each time.  If you've ever flown Spirit airlines, you may understand that my quest for cleanliness is not being blown out of proportion.

I have an aisle seat and along comes sick lady #1, clutching her purse, complete with a red, snotty nose.  She doesn't acknowledge me whatsoever.  I'm not sure if she thought I was going to rob her at gunpoint, but she had this look of fear on her face that just made me shake my head.  I get up and let her in.  Minutes later, I hear someone in the row behind me coughing up a storm AND a person in the row in front of me doing the same.  Then, the man in the row adjacent to me starts coughing and sniffling.  I literally felt a panic attack coming on. 

Just as the last people are boarding the plane, enter sick man #2, who is sitting right next to me.  Awesome.  Not only does he put his dirty hands all over my damn seat when he gets in, he takes forever to do it.  Not to mention another lady was behind him, moving at a glacial pace.  Since I'd stepped behind my seat, she had to get to her row before I could get back to mine.  She hits another woman with her butt and is just leaning over people in her row.  It was amazing to watch this.  I finally get back to my seat, where I proceed to once again wipe down my seat, seat belt, tray, and other things.  I then start hearing the heavy breathing of the man next to me.  I think that he and the woman work together or somehow know each other. He is very condescending to her.  He is writing feverishly and working on something, I have no idea what.  Anyway, I say not a single word to either of them the entire flight.  I literally leaned into the aisle for the entire 2 hour flight.  I had on a sweater and began to shield my face with it (looking indeed like a bandit) when the 2 old folk started their coughing, sneezing, and hacking.  Man, I was peeved.

So, Wednesday comes around, cold front hits Atlanta, and I felt my body shut down like bricks on Wednesday night.  I still went to the gym, but just had a shorter workout than usual.  I thought that sitting in the sauna and hot tub might help sweat out the oncoming illness.  I showered after my workout, braved the humiliation of putting on a damn bathing suit (but noticed it fit better than that last time I wore it), and I tried to relax.  I entered the steam room first.  There was another lady in there, but she was nice, so I felt comfortable.  I wasn't too freaked out since I laid towels down on all of the surfaces that I'd be sitting/touching.  I started to a little nervous when water dropped down from the ceiling onto my leg.  I left about 30 seconds after that and entered the tried and true sauna.  This sauna was particularly hot, so I wasn't really able to get as comfortable as I usually do.  My shower shoes were burning my feet, so I was a tad bit perplexed as to how I was going to strategically exit the sauna.  I did not want my bare feet to touch the floor.  I threw one of the towels down and tried to scoot across the floor.   Had I been a fly on the wall, I am sure that this would have been a bit of comic relief. 

All in all, I did enjoy the steam room and sauna.  I took another shower, and then got into the hot tub.  I was only in there for a few minutes when another woman entered the hot tub COMPLETELY NAKED.  I immediately hopped out of that hot tub like it was full of molten lava.  I could not fathom the concept of being in a hot tub, with a naked woman. I did not want any part of that!  No sir!

I started laughing at myself.  Mind you, I showered after my workout and before I got into the steam room.  Then, I showered again after the steam room/sauna but before entering the hot tub.  I was freaking out having a shower in the gym, because I rarely do that.  Anyway, when that naked lady got in the damn hot tub, I seriously freaked out.  I won't be using the hot tub again ever.  I'll leave it to just the sauna and on rare occasion the steam room.

Anyway, I slept hard when I got home last night.  I woke up this morning with a fever and feeling sore all over.  I decided to take the day off and focus on resting.  I had a great workout planned for today, but I am not sure if I'll get to it.  I'd rather get well and be able to have an excellent workout tomorrow.

Despite all of this, the past 3 weeks have been really phenomenal.  I am noticing changes in my legs and more definition in my arms.  I am also trying to select new or challenging exercises/machines that I haven't done in a long time to reintroduce into my program.  I'm having fun and am very proud of myself.  I am 6 weeks out from birthday number 36.  There are times when I feel like I'm not going to meet my goal of competing ever again..but I try to just get rid of those negative thoughts when they enter. It's entirely possible.  I just have to remain consistently consistent, and the results will come.  I believe this whole heartedly.  I welcome age 36 and plan to feel the best ever.  It will be a blessing!

Have a great weekend.  I'll post some of my favorite workouts in the coming days.

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