Monday, January 06, 2014

Aerobox System of Sleek - Box & Sculpt

I did a very short workout this evening (even though I posted earlier today that I wouldn't workout :-) ).  I took the workout pretty slowly since I was still really sick.  Since I'd already been off Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and wasn't running a fever, I wanted to do a little something to move.  I put on alot of warm clothes, cranked up the heater in my garage, and proceeded with my workout.  Originally, I'd planned to do the longer Aerobox workout tonight, but I wasn't feeling THAT capable.  I committed to 30 minutes max.

I tried the first workout in the Aerobox System of Sleek series - Box & Sculpt.  From a time perspective, it was a very short workout, clocking in at about 25 minutes, including the warm-up.  I would rate the workout as low intensity - a good introductory session.  The moves are done at a pretty slow pace throughout the workout, although there are a few times when the pace accelerates, which I liked.  I really appreciated the focus on technique, and I had an opportunity to listen to Michael's guidance as to how he wanted the punches executed for this workout.  I have a natural tendancy to move my hips and throw my entire body into the punches.  He challenges you to mimic that power with less use of the hips or leaning.  It was different, and I liked it!  I did not use hand weights during the workout. I would do this workout again. Even though I craved slightly higher intensity, I think the workout can be modified or extended to elevate the intensity.  It really is up to you as far as how hard you want to work.  I could have easily transformed the workout into a higher intensity session with a few tweaks.  Again, I was true to form tonight and respected the integrity of the originally designed session.

As with any new workout, it's challenging to really give the workout 100%, since the moves, sequencing, pace, and instructor may be unfamiliar to you.  In his Sleekify book, Michael has you perform a workout 3 times in a row before moving on to the next one.  The first time is to familiarize yourself with the movement pattern; the second time is to execute slightly more efficiently since the workout will be somewhat familiar; and the third time is to give it 110%.  This reminds me of a pattern that we observed regarding patterns of top performers (people or products).  There is a storming phase, followed by a norming phase, then you reach the performing stage where you can really excel.

Storm-Norm-Perform.  The next 86 days I am in heads down, take no prisoners mode.
Execute according to plan - nutrition, hydration, movement, and supplementation.
I will persist until I succeed.

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