Friday, January 10, 2014


It is Friday, and I am finally feeling better. My voice came back today as well!  This time off has been a pretty big kink in my already aggressive schedule, but there is time to regroup. 

I have not been eating enough or drinking enough while I've been sick.  I also haven't really pushed myself to workout.  After Monday night's workout in the garage, I actually did have another fever on Tuesday.  I took the day off work and rested.  On Wednesday, I returned to work, and worked remotely (from my bed).  We have a huge project deadline next Friday.  I wound up putting in 14 hours on Wednesday and stayed up until 2AM working.  On Thursday, it was the same thing.  I put in another 14 hours, and lost 3 hours due to a personal appointment.  I went to bed at 3AM and woke up at 7AM.  I had a doctor's appointment, and then had to lead a meeting (which is why I was working so much on the nights prior). 

In all honesty, I started feeling capable of working out again on Thursday, and had planned to do something quick over lunch.  Didn't happen.  Today (Friday) rolled around, and I failed to workout again.  Damn.

Do better tomorrow...

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