Thursday, January 02, 2014

Memory Lane...Summer of 1997 Workouts

My recent posts about Michael Olajide were very nostalgic for me.  I wanted to share a trip down memory lane when I first discovered home workouts in the summer of 1997.

My Aunt gave me a step, and my favorite Uncle gave me a pair of 10lb weights. I bought a few workout tapes from Target to slowly build my collection.  Aerobox, The Firm CrossTrainers Strength and Cardio, Step Reebox, and Petra Kobler made up my entire summer of 1997.  I couldn't afford to join a gym, so I worked out in my Mom's living room.  Aerobox was my favorite because it made me feel so strong and untouchable.  It was also incredibly challenging.  I did the Aerobox workout once a week for most of the summer of 1997.  I still have all of these VHS tapes because they represented a time in my life that I began to truly embrace exercising.  The following year (1998) is when I started teaching aerobics at the University, and the rest is history.

Summer 1997 VHS Workouts (pictures courtesy of :-)

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