Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Back in action

Well, as promised, my replacement kettlebell arrived yesterday. Unfortunately, my calluses are still tender, so I probably won't train with the bells again until Thursday/Friday. I am feeling great, even after the deck 0' cards. My diet is going well and this morning I weighed in at 175.2 pounds - great progress!

This weekend I will probably try Kenneth Jay's Max VO2 Snatch training. I can't find Kenneth's exact protocol, but this is what I've been able to scrounge up so far:

Max VO2 is basically a 15 second on/15 second off snatch test. You should be able to perform a single snatch in 2 seconds, which means if you're pacing 7-8 snatches in 15 seconds then your weight is good.
Men use 16Kb, Women 12Kb
R-8 reps 15srest 15sL- 8 reps 15srest 15s

From Rif:
heres the protocol for finding your snatch pace accoriding to kj( if you are brave enough)
It's a 6 min snatch test; alternating arms each min
min one 10 reps per min right arm
min two 12 reps per min left arm
min three 14 reps per min right arm
min four 16 reps per min left arm
min five 18 reps per min right arm
min six max reps per minute left arm- this is your max heartrate pace and your max hr.
kj had them do 60 % of that number for 60 % of the minute so:if you did 30 reps that last minute your 60% pace is 18 reps per 36 seconds( 60% of the minute.
he had them do their max pace for 36 sec on 36 sec off for 20 sets!the 15 on 15 off is another version. THe point of all this is is that you have to get a pace where your HR is close to 95% max.

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