Sunday, July 22, 2007

New Diet & Deck O' Cards

Well, today I hunkered down on my anabolic diet, and it's producing amazing results. This morning, my weight was 180.5, and I weighed myself in the early evening, just after my workout, and my weight was 177.8. Goes to show that I'm losing quite a bit of water. I consumed approx 1138 calories today. I'm following Dr. Di Pasquale's Radical Diet until I get to around 155 pounds, then I'll maintain with his Anabolic Diet for Bodybuilders. It will be a challenging diet, but should produce fast results with strict adherance. Today was pretty good, but I had to take enough supplements to counter the inital effects of low-carb dieting.

My workout consisted of the deck o' cards workout. I was really tired going into it given the low amount of carbohydrates I'm consuming, but I made it through. Workout was as follows:

Diamonds = L swing; Hearts = L snatch; Clubs = R swing; Spades = R snatch
Ace/King = 12 Reps; Jack/Queen = 11 Reps; Joker = 1 min rest

Warmup: Walked 2 easy laps around track + JM drills + light stretching (15 mins)
Workout Time: 39 mins, stopped b/c of blisters/calluses on hands, 14 cards left
I used the 12kg for majority of the workout. Used the 9kg for 1 round of snatches (R/L) and 1 round of swings (R/L). Original goal was to go through the first half of the deck using the 12kg and the second half of the deck using the 9kg. However, when it came time to switch, the 9kg was just too light.

Results: 89 L swings, 60 L snatch, 66 R swing, 73 R snatch
The remaining 14 cards would have resulted in an additional 11 L swings, 40 L snatches, 46 R swings, 15 R snatches.

It was a great workout, but boy are my hands killing me! I've been trying to ween myself off of my wrist gards and gloves. However, I used both today as my hands were still sore from yesterday's workout. At any rate, the gloves started rubbing a blister on the calluses that were already there, and it eventually became too painful to continue on. I really wanted to finish the deck! I came home, soaked my hands in warm water, filed gently, and moisturized well.


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