Saturday, July 21, 2007

The day I broke my kettlebell

I actually decided to rest on Thursday & Friday. Working every day for the past 7 weeks finally caught up with me. I slept literally from Wednesday night until Friday night, with a few hours awake to take a couple of conference calls and eat. The rest did me well because today I woke up felt energized. I also decided to try the anabolic diet to try to drop some of my excess weight quickly. I'm also working on a new kettlebell conditioning plan to help me improve my snatch numbers. Finally, I've taken on two clients to start teaching kettlebells, and I have my first session with them tomorrow. I'm pumped up about it! Now, on to a summary of today's workout....

Today's plan was to tackle the AoS Smokin' Ladders workout, followed by a deck of cards workout a few hours after that. Well, today was a milestone for me. I did 3 rounds of Smokin' Ladders (which was a TOUGH workout!). On the 3rd round, I attempted to snatch the 16kg bell, my arch nemesis. I was actually able to do it and without banging up my wrists! I got 3 good reps on my right. When I came up for the 4th, it was very sloppy, and I felt myself losing control of the bell, so I just dropped it. Unfortunately, when it came down, the horns completely broke off into three pieces! Now, I have to get a new 35lber. So, I am taking a break to write in my blog to chronicle the event. I have a conference call at 4, but will go back to finish Smokin Ladders when it's over with just my 12kg bell. I still plan to do a deck of cards workout around 8-9PM as well.

Here's a picture of my demolished bell:

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