Sunday, July 22, 2007

Replacement bell on the way!

I contacted the vendor of my demolished kettlebell, and a replacement is on the way! I bought the bell from Lisa Shaffer & Kettlebell, Inc. They stand behind their products, and customer service is outstanding. As promised by Lisa, I'll be snatching the 16kg again within the week. I really like the Ader kettlebells, and I have a mix of Ader, Dragon Door, and Power Systems at home. When I first got started training with kettlebells, I bought 12kg and 9kg Power Systems bells. Six months later, I went to a face-to-face instructional workshop with Lisa Shaffer in Dallas and was exposed to the Ader bells (and took a 16kg and 20kg bell home with me!). They were much easier to handle than Power Systems. I definitley will not buy a Power Systems bell again; the handles are rather thick and the finish is not very smooth. I gave my 12kg PS bell to a friend who was interested in training; it was a good starter bell, but all future bells for me will be either Ader or Dragon Door. I haven't tried the AoS/Perform Better or Lifeline brand of kettlebells yet. I got a really good deal on my two 12kg DD bells on eBay. So far, I like DD bells the best, with Ader a very close second. I do want to get a second 16kg bell for double work, but for now, I'll stick to using my pair of 12kg bells for doubles work. I have enough to keep me busy to prep for the RKC in October. Maybe I'll get a second 16kg when I pass my certification exam!

Today has been spent cleaning the house and researching the Anabolic Diet & Radical Diet by Dr. Di Pasquale. A close friend suggested that I try the anabolic diet in conjunction with kettlebell circuit training to help shed the excess body weight quickly. I've been on low carb diets before, and they definitely work. However, I've never done a true anabolic cycle, so I'm looking forward to it.

I'll post today's workout a little later when I actually get to it! I still have more cleaning to do, some work to do, and meet with my first two kettlebell clients later this evening.

Have a great Sunday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful MOMMY!!


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