Monday, July 30, 2007

A Little Relapse

Well, the 2nd half of last week and this weekend did not bring alot in the way of focus on my diet or my training. Work was really busy, and we were striving to meet an aggressive deadline. So, I was not as focused on either my training or my diet. I ate way too many carbs to preserve energy; things were so stressful that I even had some drinks on Saturday, which I haven't done in years. So, my weight today was 176.4, which is 0.9 lbs higher than my lowest weight last week. All-in-all not bad considering my splurges :-)

This week I will refocus; my goal is to reach 165 by Sunday. I also need to increase my cardio; I will strive for 40 mins of cardio each day, in addition to 4 kettlebell training days. Today I decided to break out one of my favorite Cathe DVDs. I did high step challenge (1 hr, 10 mins). I discovered pleasantly that my endurance had greatly improved. I used to struggle through this workout and only make it to 3:5 rounds. Today, I did all 5 rounds and used pretty challenging weight during the muscular endurance portions of the workout. I'm starting to see alot of definition in my shoulders, arms, quads, and hams. I need to burn some fat in my abdomen and hips though. I figure that I will start to lean out after I hit the 165 mark; I'm confident that I will get there by Sunday following the Radical Diet.

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