Sunday, August 12, 2007

Feeling better

Ah, feeling in better spirits today.

My afternoon KB workout consisted of the following:
4:30-5:15PM - The heat took ALOT out of me today. I only made it through 1 round of the circuit, took lots of breaks, added some get-up situps, and called it a day. My planned goal was to make it through 3 rounds of the circuit and do 10 rounds of snatches at the end. It was over 100 degrees when I was working out; it just wasn't going to happen today :-) The workout was great, though!!
Warmup (Swings @ 12kg)
Took 1 minute rest in between each exercise
  • 1 min 2H swing
  • 1-arm swings, 30 sec R, 30 sec L
  • 1 min high pull (30 sec R/L)
Rested for 2 mins before starting the circuit

KB Circuit

  • 10 R/L swings @ 16kg
  • 3 R/L windmills @ 16kg
  • 10 R/L cleans @ 16kg
  • 5 R/L military press @ 16kg
  • 20 H2H swings @ 16kg
  • 10 R/L Rows @ 16kg
Snatch Practice
3 rounds high pulls @ 16kg, 5 R/L

I think I will focus on snatches with the 12kg and high pulls with the 16kg this week.
My hands were bothering me again during the workout :-(

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