Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Getting there....

AM Weight = 174.6
Total weight lost in 11 days = 5.9 pounds

I've established the following interim targets via the Radical Diet. The diet is designed to be used up to 2 months (60 days).
165 pounds - 8/16/2007
160 pounds - 8/26/2007
155 pounds - 9/5/2007
153 pounds - 9/13/2007
150 pounds -9/19/2007

My calves are pretty sore from the Cathe workout I did on Monday. It's been a long time since I've done step; it was a fun workout! My hands are still sore from yesterday's short kettlebell workout. I will try again this evening. Goals will be 30-40 mins of cardio + 30 mins kettlebell work.


Rob O'Brien said...

Great Job! I hope my diet/encouragement has helped. Keep up the good work!


fitgirl-atx said...

Thanks so much! I reallly do appreciate all of your encouragement and support. It does provide an extra push when I'm feeling down or discouraged. I've fallen off a bit on the anabolic diet....I am going to try to refocus in a few days when my hormonal state is back to normal.
Take care,

Rob O'Brien said...

Keep it up! If you have to - add a almost all carb meal in the middle of the week (like wednesday night) - so you have more energy and your muscles feel fuller. Works well.