Monday, August 20, 2007

My Progress Meeting with Lisa

I was in Dallas for the past 5 days in a commercial real estate investment seminar. I decided to get a 1x1 session in with Lisa Shaffer while I was there (Friday night). She evaluated my form on the swing, clean, clean & press, TGU, snatch (of course), windmill, OHS, and seated presses. She has a larger assortment of kettlebells than I do, so I used the opportunity to see how much I could swing. She did tweak my swing form a bit. I tried the 24kg (53lber) and the 70lber. They were surprisingly not that difficult! I got a good 8 reps in with the 70lber. I could've easily done more but I didn't want to wear myself out before the almighty snatch.

Well, Lisa said that my snatch form and technique were great!! I did snatches with the 12kg to warm up and then went for it with the 16kg. I did 10 on the right and 9 on the left with the 16kg. I am pretty sure that I could've done at least 1 more rep each side, but my hands were starting to hurt by that point. Boy was I pumped up, though!! TO date, I'd never snatched the 16kg on my left side, and I ripped out 9 reps! Lisa thinks that I will do well at the RKC; she eased alot of my fears and worries. She only had to clean up my swing form; the rest was confidence building. I will be going to the Lisa Shaffer/Mike Mahler workshop in Dallas on Sept 15, so I hope to have my snatch numbers up to the minimum requirement for RKC by then. To pass, I need to get 38 combined reps with the 16kg. I feel pretty good, just need to keep practicing and get my conditioning up.

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Rob O'Brien said...

Great job! Keep it up!