Saturday, December 15, 2007

A little insiration

When I'm feeling sluggish or tired and don't feel like training, I like to watch something inspirational to get my mind right and change my attitude. Here are 3 insipirational nuggets for you today. In the meantime, find and define what inspires YOU...and use it when you need it!

After watching this how can you NOT want to train and push yourself to achieve YOUR personal best today???

BTW - this song is sampled in the "Victory (Remix)" ft. Diddy, Biggy, 50 Cent....gets me pumped up every time!

This movie insipired me to take up boxing training. It got me in some of the best conditioning shape of my life. "What does it take to be great?"

It's not just football, Al. This is the mentality that every athlete -- beit a professional athlete, weekend warrior, or person just starting out -- should adopt. Rock on, brother...rock on.

I have a BIG training day planned, and I need ALOT of inspiration today. I will post the actuals at the EOD, but I am going to push, push, push and be my best today.

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Jennifer said...

Awesome clips, Nia!
Man can a movie get one fired up!