Sunday, December 09, 2007

Saturday Workout - PROVIDENCE...Just AWESOME!

The weather in Austin yesterday was fabulous (almost 80 degrees!), so I decided to bring a little bit of summer back by taking my workout to the track in the early afternoon. Of course, I had a workout all planned and totally changed my direction once I got there :-) I'd planned on doing a (wo)man maker workout that consisted of 7 cycles of push-ups/swings/1 lap/0:30 second rest, and then following that up with Cardio Survivor 2. Well, my actual workout was as follows:

AoS Providence - did the full workout, including the 3 min snatch test at the end. I also interspersed push ups with (chest press) round 3. I used a 12kg, which was WAY TOO LIGHT for the swings & 1-arm rows, but was perfect for all other exercises. I only had my 12kg with me at the track though, so that's what I did. All I kept thinking was wow, my circuits over the past few weeks have made me much stronger! The snatch test was even remarkably a breeze! I messed up the execution though and alternated 5 snatches R/L for the entire 3 mins instead of doing 1.5 mins R and 1.5 mins left. I also to this day have not gotten comfortable with the flip & squat; I just do a high pull and squat. This substituted one of my circuit workouts for the week.

For those of you who don't know about the Art of Strength series, here's the trailer for that's what's up...

For the finisher for my workout I did one Cardio Survivor 2 circuit:
CIRCUIT 1, 3 Rounds. Used a step with 4 risers/side for the plyo movements; used a high step with 1 riser for the agility movements.
Round 1
* Plyo Power Jump Up
* Side to side (agility)
* Squat & Shoulder Press
* Crunch
* Bear Crawl back to beginning
* Rest 0:20

Round 2
* Plyo Pop Squat
* Ins & Outs (agility)
* Squat & Hammer Curl
* Crunch
* Crab walk back to beginning
* Rest 0:20

Round 3
* Running Pop Offs (plyometric)
* Run Up (agility)
* Squat & upright row
* Crunch
* Lateral Shuffle back to beginning
* Rest

END OF WORKOUT: 1 hour 8 mins - AWESOME

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