Saturday, November 10, 2007

Is that what we have been reduced to?

I came across the following video on youtube today, and it made me wonder if this is what we have been reduced to when it comes to fitness training??? Must we train in bikinis on the beach doing foo-foo exercises to be deemed marketable? Quite frankly, I was offended and ashamed of the women who agreed to do this. IMO, it really takes a stab at serious kettlebell athletes.

Despite this foolishness, try to continue to rock on ladies and gentlemen!

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Jennifer said...

I couldn't agree more! Does this guy have the foggiest idea what to REALLY do with a kettlebell? I'm guessing not. I think he just uses it as a more portable dumbbell/medicine ball combination. At least he had them attempting to do a few swings. Don't get me wrong, these gals have some rockin' physiques (I'd love to look like that right now), but from the looks of that ad, I don't think they got that way with those kettlebells. It makes me nauseated to think that people will see that and think that's what bells are all about.