Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursday, Nov 29 Morning Workout

10:30-11:05AM I was really pressed for time today, so I abbreivated my rest periods during this workout. I rested 30 secs between exercises and 45 secs between rounds (as opposed to 45 secs and 1 min, respectively). It was definitely tough, but I made it through! I did struggle with the one-arm clean & presses, especially on the left hand side. I had to assist myself quite a bit, particularly on the last two rounds. I performed 4 rounds of this circuit. The body of the workout took me 30:46 mins, excluding warmup and stretching.

Here are the details:

ExerciseRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4
Warm-up2 mins joint mobility drills & stretching
1-Arm KB Clean & Mil Press 1x5 (clean before each press) (35lbs)0:527:3315:0824:16
Assited Pull-up (6 reps)1:558:4616:2325:52
1-Arm KB Windmill, 5 reps/side (26)3:2710:2318:2227:16
Barbell Squat 1x10 (115lbs)4:2911:3820:0228:41
One-arm KB Snatch 1x8/side (35)5:5812:5922:2630:46
Round Rest45 secs45 secs1 min1 min
End Time: 30:46

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