Monday, July 05, 2010

Independence Day Workout - AoS Providence

I was inspired today to pick up my bells and get to work.  Actually, it was the fact that I'd unpacked my garage gym completely, had everything back in its place, and it was begging for someone to sweat and work hard in it.   Also, I was chatting with a member from Cathe's forum about AoS, and I missed workout out with my AoS DVDs.  So, I thought no better way than to pick up my bells and work AoS style. 

Yesterday I did Providence for old times sake. It's been a few months since I've even touched my kettlebells, so I decided to work light (12kg) and only expected to make it through the first 7 rounds or so of the workout.  I actually did the entire thing, and the 12kg felt really light for most exercises (exception being the triple crush & the press ladders).  I was proud of myself for 1) making it through the workout and 2) noticing all of the progress that I've made in my kettlebell lifting journey.

Providence will always hold a special place in my heart.  It was one of the first DVDs that I purchased in my kettlebell journey way back in 2005.  I learned alot about kettlebell technique and form from Providence. When I first started working with kettlebells, I had to rely on DVDs to teach me technique and then workout approaches.  I was self taught for 6 months before I met with an instructor. Lucky for me, my first teachers were Anthony DiLuglio and Lisa Shaffer, both of whom are now good friends and colleagues (I'm a fitness coach also).  My teach-yourself-kettlebell DVDs were Pavel's From Russia With Tough Love and AoS Providence. I remember purchasing Providence because it was a work-along DVD, and one that I knew I'd be able to use again once I got the basics down.  I only had a 12kg bell when I first started.  I remember sucking air so hard during the swings round. It made me smile when I was barely winded from them yesterday with the same 12kg bell.  It's amazing how incredibly conditioned your body gets after training with kettlebells over time.  I saw my entire journey, both personally and professionally, during round 1 of Providence. It still kicks my butt to this day (and we aren't even going to talk about Newport yet - LOL).  But, it's amazing to notice progress and to reflect on just how far you've come. I think about my many clients whom I have also challenged by sprinkling bits and pieces of Providence into some of our sessions.  Growth is an amazing thing.  I will always love Providence because I am always evolving, no matter how many times I do the workout.  If you think it's getting easier, get a heavier bell. There are always ways to increase the intensity of the workout, and it feels different every time!  Also, the wonderful twist of Vintage Providence is also cool.  But, the original piece of work, in its unaltered form is really what reminds me of how much I love kettlebell training -- even now, 5 years later!

What makes you passionate about kettlebell training? TRX training? cardio? running? lifting weights? swimming? -- the point is to find something that you TRULY LOVE and do it religiously.  Take it back to basics and rediscover why you fell in love with something in the first place.  I can honestly say that I LOVE kettlebell training, TRX training, and lifting weights period.  I love how my body responds. I love the feeling of getting stronger week by week. I love watching my body change. I love knowing that I can kick someone's a$$ really badly if provoked. I love knowing that I can defend myself if I'm put in a situation to do so. Strength is power...they are not the same thing. (think about that..)

"Success is the result of a few simple disciplines practiced and perfected diligently."