Thursday, February 10, 2011

Repeat P90X Week 5: - Sun, 2/6-Sat, 2/12

As I mentioned, last week did not go as planned, so I've decided to repeat week #5 this week.  It's turning out much better than last week. I did have to take 2 days off due to work commitments, but I'll still finish the week out strong. Here's the recap so far:

Summary for "Week 5 Repeat"
Superbowl Sun, 2/6: P90X: Chest & Back - this was a great workout! I changed the routine quite a bit by doing weight bearing chest exercises (i.e. bench press, chest flys, etc) in place of the push-ups. I still feel sore 4 days later!
Mon, 2/7: Cathe HIIT 30/30, Treadmill (67 mins) - burned over 1000 calories from this workout. it was awesome! I was very proud of myself for finally doing the HIIT DVD. Even though I've put myself through many-a-HIIT workouts (and my clients), I was so nervous about doing this workout. It was hard as he**, but I expected it to be. I know Cathe, and she packs a major punch into her workouts. I struggled through it, and I am glad to have something to work up towards. I plan to start doing more HIIT workouts over the coming months, with more regularity.
Tues, 2/8: OFF
Wed, 2/9: OFF
Thurs, 2/10: P90X: Shoulders & Arms (this workout gets me every time! I lift as heavy as possible in the 12-15 rep range); Tracey Staehle: Cardio Kickbox Challenge; Treadmill: 100 mins Note: I broke up these workouts over the course of the entire day. My energy level was great, and I felt like I could keep going and going today!  So, I did :-). My eating today was also very good. I'm starting to pull it all together again. day by day...
Fri, 2/11: OFF
Sat, 2/12: P90X: Legs & Back (substituted KB swings and KB snatches for the pullups)

All-in-all, this was a good week! I had more days off than I'd planned for, but it all worked out anyway. As Tony Horton says, "Do your best and forget the rest"!

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